Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo Booth Date Night...and something random

So we finally went and did our photo booth date and all I have to say is: we have to go do it again. One: because it was really fun and super cheap ($1.00 a strip at KMart...5 bucks=20 photos). Two: because their photo machine turned out to be running out of ink and thus our photos turned out pretty crummy. They are mostly just really light looking...the girl at the register felt really bad and we got our money back. And for free photos I must say I am more than happy with the quality. :) Actually though she said that usually the photos are better and that she's used it herself before with much more success. So we'll be going back. I'm sorry I'm not posting the pics here. They just didn't turn out that well (development wise, of course Joe and I look fabulous). But here are some pics we took while waiting for the photo booth ones to develop.
This is Joe looking all GQ for me...lol
And for some reason this photo booth has a super short curtain so everyone can see you while you are in there...not my fave
And this picture is from earlier that night at Target when Joe and I found a product called the "man groomer". Maybe it was just hilarious because we'd recently watched the Seinfeld where Jerry gets addicted to shaving his chest, but it made us laugh. So I post this mostly for us.
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2 little remarks:

Laura said...

that short curtain is funny!! love the man groomer.

Aliese Fry said...

The mangroomer is fantastic.

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