Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is the Place

So back in the day...and by back in the day I mean a decade ago....I volunteered at This is the Place State Park. It is a village with some authentic structures and other replicas of pioneer buildings. The volunteers dress up in pioneer attire, they cook with dutch ovens in fire pits, they teach you how to do the Virginia Reel or the Seven Step Schottish (sp?), they make butter, they tell you all about the buildings...and so on and so forth. It was a lot of fun. Granted I mostly volunteered there because I wanted to see a boy there that I had a crush on and I liked wearing the pioneer dress. This volunteering experience won me a spot in the Ensign...unfortunately said Ensign was in the moving van and I don't know how I'll get ahold of a print copy again.

So I hadn't been in forever so Helena, my old college roommate, and I decided to take her son Eli and see the sights. It was good times and I highly recommend you go---especially if you have school age kids. Its across from the zoo near the mouth of Emigration Canyon. It is owned by a private company now, rather than the state of Utah, so they've made some improvements (like the addition of a train tour!! and a bunch of new buildings). Anyway check out the slide show. It was good times, rather mellow, but good. And it was nice to be out in the sun. [note: This is the Place is not the most stroller friendly place in town. Plan on needing to leave it outside many buildings (too many stairs) or just leave it at home all together. There were lots of strollers parked all over the place so its not a biggie to bring it, just know you'll have to be taking those kiddies in and out (or skip some of the buildings)]

2 little remarks:

Charayne said...

My little guy loves this place. My mom took him last summer. I think his favorite was the train, but he made all sorts of crafts and had a blast!

Brian Corrales said...

Thanks for taking my family there Anna. They really enjoyed it. Especially the rattler. How is it that we aren't on your friends list? :(

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