Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are so Artistic

Artistic as in we like to look at art. I was seriously impressed by the chalk art at the Utah Foster Care Foundation's annual Chalk Art Contest at the Gateway today. Apparently they hold it every year so if you missed it you should go next year. Or, if you have time and it doesn't rain before then, you should go walk around on Monday and it'll still be there.

We really just looked at the art and then left. I was tired and we had other things we wanted to do. But there was also some live entertainment and, of course, shopping that we could have stayed and particpated in. Oh and a public section where you could do your own chalk art. I refrained from entering any stores since we have to save for our vacation at the end of the summer, but I must say that I heart Anthropologie, it's the number 1 reason to visit the Gateway.

But really, just looking at the art was amazing. They do it every year Father's Day weekend to raise awareness about the need for foster parents. So there really was a feel good atmosphere about the whole event. Tons of kids and just great art. But really, enough talking on my part. Here are a few pics of my favorites and then a slideshow of most of the pieces that I thought were cool (you can click on the blue link with the name of the slideshow if you want to see the pictures up close, I certainly would).
I really liked this sign. I've pondered getting involved in foster care once my children are grown, but I'm a little apprehensive. If they're a baby I'll get so attached and then they could get taken away...but it really is an important thing for children to have a safe and loving environment to grow up in. So maybe we will participate sometime in the future.
Here's Joe and I looking all summery.
Okay this one was AMAZING!! Just look at it. It looks like a painting...and I'm sure it is a copy of a painting. These guys were some of the "featured artists" apparently they have some artists who have won in years past and are now paid to participate in the event. No shocker that these guys won once...
I was just amazed by the chalk art of people, getting those skin tones perfect, it's just incredible.
This was a copy of a Picasso, apparently. Fun huh.
This is another "featured artist's" piece. We saw it walking past and in orange below it the artist had written that the best view was from above near the escalators. We went up there and I think you can see why the view from above would accentuate the perspective in the chalk art...these people have mad skills.
So without further ado here's the rest of the show...well okay at least 1/2 of the rest of the show. It was a relaxing summer activity. I'm so glad we went (and since we took less than an hour we didn't even have to pay for parking). :)

5 little remarks:

Knowles Family said...

Sam and I were at the Gateway on Friday night and saw these, but most of them were only half done. So, thanks so much for taking pictures because I wondered how some of them turned out.

Nerak said...

Ok, that is WAY too cool. I wish I had an artistic bone in my body.

Beazer said...

That chalk art is amazing! My family did foster care when I was a kid. It's REALLY tuff, but those kids need stable families so badly. Sometime serving others isn't going to be easy.

Malinovka said...

So cool! Loved how that picture with the crack really jumped out from above. And loved the Indiana Jones one! I wish we were in Utah now that I'm finding out about all these cool things!!

Ali said...

I'm so glad you posted these pictures...Jeff and I really wanted to go but I was late in packing up for my trip and we didn't make it. I also just have to outwardly express my total disagreement with Karen's above comment. Pichaa!! No artistic bone...has she SEEN her own photography?

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