Saturday, June 14, 2008

West Jordan is Fine Place to Live

Yes. I'm finally catching up on all my blogging. Thus a plethora of posts for all of you, for good or ill.

So last weekend we went to West Jordan City hall (picture below)
We went to pick up my friend Reija who was in town for a graduation, among other things. We went to Zupas for dinner and I tasted that tomato basil soup (stick to the chicken enchilada chili if you want soup) and got the nuts about berries salad. It was a lovely evening. Ironically, no pictures of Reija and I from the night.

Well when Joe and I went to pick up Reija we parked and waited and saw these signs:

Does anyone else think it's strange that the City Manager gets a parking place closer than the mayor??? It made me laugh.

So since we were right by the WJ park I decided to go check out their killer playground more closely. Apparently its one of the best playgrounds in the state.
It's sort of like an old school western town...though I swear that big building is the Taj Mahal....hmmm...
I grew up in WJ (well since 5th grade, prior to that I moved tons and went to like 5 different elementary schools, though coincidentally I also lived in WJ from age yeah mostly I moved tons over the course of 4 years) and when I went to that playground back in the day and the coolest thing there was the tire swing that made me sick every time I rode it. And yet I loved it. Needless to say, they've upgraded the playground. If you live anywhere near here you must take your children. Designed for ages 5-12, but I swear that I could be entertained there for at least 3 hours and I'm 24.
So here are some more pics, I hope you like them. And if you want to check out the park and its killer playground it is located just behind city hall off 7800 S and Redwood Rd.

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