Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 Weeks Late...but still Great

We had a little overnight adventure in Park City for the 4th of July. It was fun. Just my mom, stepdad, brothers, sister-in-law, and us. We played settlers, ate some food, swam a little in the pool, watched some HGTV. It was very relaxing. Thanks again Mom and Sam, we had a great time.

Mom and Sam went to the Oakley Rodeo. I've been to one rodeo and I think one may just be enough (periwinkle wranglers? seriously?!). I think they had a fun time.
The rest of us headed to dinner to celebrate the fact that Phillip got a scholarship for next year at BYU (wahoo, way awesome Phil). I saw this along the way. A horse statue, plastered with pictures of dogs that is straddling a fire hydrant. Can anyone explain this to me? Anyone? Anyone...
We went to the Main Street Pizza and Noodle for dinner. Yum.
Picture of me and the lucky scholarship recipient. Nice pic of you Phil.
Did you know the church owns a building in downtown Park City...I think you can go there and work on your genealogy, but I'm not sure because we just walked by...
And went to check out the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...oh my delicious calories, I wanted one of those apples. But at $4 a pop we decided to pass this time around and went to Albertsons to get fake "Dippin Dots" ice cream for $1.00 a piece.
I just thought these flowers were beautiful.
Main Street in Park City. If you haven't been you should check it out. I keep meaning to come up here during Sundance and try to spot someone famous, but I think about the nightmare of parking here and decide against it.

Isn't this a cool post office? And that's Joe 'casually' walking out of it.

And here is the scary wolf dog we saw. It looks domesticated, but I swear its a wolf.
Apparently Park City street clocks need to be Rolexes

Settlers aka the game which creates more fights in our marriage than any other, which is why I ditched after a little while to watch HGTV (actually I think Paul cut me off, not Joe, but I wasn't in the mood to fight. I take my game playing seriously...rather like my mother).

Not the best photo of me, but he's so cute

The next day we went to watch my stepdad play rugby (or as my mom says "to watch him kill himself"). He did quite well and came away with only a sprained ankle, I think.

And this is the most useless gadget I've ever seen. Why do you need a "Ham Holder"??? Goodness, isn't that what a platter is for?

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Amy said...

I love going to Park City. It is a quick drive but a fun get away! Hey your anniversary is coming up, Happy 1st Anniversary! One of these years we will have to celebrate together big by going on a cruise or something! You guys chose a great day to get married!!

Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

I love the game "Settlers" least I think that's the name of the game we use to play with our friends. I too was a little competitive and was sad every time I didn't win (which was all the time minus once). Oh well....

Ariel said...

Dave and I went to PC when we were in UT. Isn't it great to get away? I can't believe Phil is all grown up and getting scholarships. Last time I saw him he was 16. I feel old.

Ariel said...

We went to PC when were in UT. Isn't is great to get away? I can't believe Phil is all grown up and getting scholarships. Last time I saw him he was 16! I feel old.

Scarehaircare said...

Way to go Cousin Phillip on your scholarship!

Main Street Pizza dn Pasta, Mmmmmm.

Next time you are at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, order my fave: dark chocolate seafoam. You will thank me.

We have a game similar to Settlers called Zarahemla. Beware those pesky Gadianton Robbers! Secondborn loves to play that after FHE.

Amy said...

Ah, Park City. If you're wondering about anything - the funky art, wolf dogs and Rolex clocks - all I have to say is "It's Park City." You kinda start getting used to it after awhile. Scary. Also, I totally spent $3.25 on a chocolate dipped slice of cheesecake at the Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory. Sooooo worth it. And I had a piece of apple my coworkers bought and shared. It was heavenly.

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