Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Bedding

With so many friends having babies I have been curiously looking at baby bedding wondering what sort of classy not cheesy options are out there these days. Most cute stuff I've seen ranges from $100 to several hundred dollars for a crib set. Stephanie posted these awesome (cheap + adorable=awesome) crib sets on her blog, found at Walmart.

So if you aren't morally opposed to shopping at Walmart (and I am not) you should pick some up. I know a lot of you are expecting or have a new baby, and with sets under $40 maybe you should consider a backup set. I'm so tempted to buy one even though we aren't having kids for at least another year or two...especially cute boy bedding like the one with the rockets, or some of the gender neutral stuff, very cool. In addition to the one's Stephanie posted I am also quite fond of this one, though it's slightly pricier it is still only $69.97. I like the fact that it's very graphic.

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Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

I found a really cute jungle/safari set at Target that is $69 (for me that is really expensive) but only comes with three things and everything else you have to buy separate. Lucky for me I had a great baby shower and with gift cards and the like I'm able to decorate a nursery for the first time! When we move into our new house and paint I'll post pictures of my little jungle masterpiece and you'll have to come on over to my blog to take a look! I like the set you chose too! Very cute!

Graham & Heather said...

very cool, thanks for the tip. Not that I am looking but like you sometimes it is nice to be prepared. :)

Brooke said...

I had the hardest time finding cute baby bedding that was the price I wanted. I had a smaller crib though, so the choices narrowed even more. But I do remember Walmart was a winner when it came to bedding. I finally got the zanzibar porta crib set at babies r us for $52. I LOVE IT!

Grayson said...

Yeah!! I agree with you... It is totally awesome baby bedding set!!

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