Friday, July 25, 2008

Bed to 5K #2

So yesterday was Pioneer Day and as such I slept in (because the poor pioneers didn't get to do that enough). Then Joe and I went running. It was sooo hot. Hot running = death. Lesson learned.

We also couldn't find our timer so after trying to use our lame cell phone timer we defaulted to running to landmarks and then walking.

Bad news: It was so hot I thought I'd die.
Good news: We jog/walked about 2 miles

Bad News: Joe forgot out water bottle
Good News: We jogged to Smith's to return a video and they have a drinking fountain (btw they also have cereal on sale for a dollar a box, so for all you bargain shoppers you may want to check that out).

Bad News: Because we didn't have our timer I'm pretty sure my walking intervals were too long and our jogging intervals were too short
Good News: I'm developing a habit

Bad News: Have I mentioned it was hot
Good News: Further motivation to get up early.

Good News: I don't have blisters today (hooray)

Good News: I kept a promise to myself and when I run tomorrow that will be 3 runs this week. :)

Good News: Joe thinks me running is totally hot (what a supportive husband)

5 little remarks:

Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

I'm so proud of you Anna. My dream is to run a marathon someday. I want to come to Utah and run in the Days of '47 Parade Marathon next year but Mike doesn't think I'll have time to train with just having a baby and hopefully nursing school starting in January. We'll see! Good Luck, keep up the good work!

Felicity said...

I agree. Hot running does indeed equal some degree of death. Makes it frustrating in the summer. If you want to run, you have to get up early! BAH!

Joe said...

Yeah, we should go pick up a cheap-o $2 timer watch at Walmart or something. Totally worth it. And maybe we could score and get one with a calculator too! Sweet.

Brooke said...

LOL! I love the optimism mixed with the reality of it all. :)

Colby and Meredith said...

I totally took advantage of the cereal deal at Smiths. $1 a's practically free!!

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