Monday, July 21, 2008

Business Trip #2 - Our Nation's Capitol

Last week I got to go to D.C. for a business trip. I didn't get to see much because I flew in one day, had an evening to see a little, had a business breakfast the next day, got to see a little more, had a meeting that afternoon, and took a taxi to the airport where I took the red-eye flight back to Salt Lake (from which I am still recovering, poor sore shoulders and neck, ouch!).

I stayed at this Holiday Inn, which was quite nice--super comfy pillows. I watched HGTV until I got sleepy, its the channel that makes me want cable the most.

I officially want to move into this place and keep on whatever gardner they've got. Isn't this so gorgeous? (p.s. I wanted to use the word idyllic, but I feel as if the word idyllic is supposed to be used for fields such as those found in Pride and Prejudice or beaches such as those in Anne of Green Gables, what do you think? Is this garden idyllic?) Okay I looked it up online and idyllic is "excellent and delightful in all respects" (according to so I say, yes, idyllic.
I also want to move in here. I used to tell people that when I grew up I wanted to be the First Lady and not the President because you still have an impact on public policy but you get to do awesome things like decorate the White House for Christmas and attend black tie dinners. Yes as I mention this I STILL want to be the First Lady when I grow up.
I also wanted to be someone working in the West Wing...until I realized I'd have to be a good liar to be the press secretary, or work 7 days a week to be Donna, Josh Lyman's assistant (oh yeah, and I realized Josh Lyman wasn't real and my real boss wouldn't be nearly so witty and adorable). So I placate myself by watching DVDs of old "West Wing" episodes. If you don't know what I'm talking about add it to your netflix NOW (season 1 is so delightful).
I took this picture of myself, are you super impressed? I am.
I did not take this picture of myself, my coworker Jess did. Thanks Jess.
Such a beautiful monument, but all that water on a hot July day, is torture when they tell you not to dip your achy feet in it. Cruel I tell you.
And I love this Red Cross Headquarters building, if we'd had time I would have taken a tour. FYI: I try to support the Red Cross regularly by trading my blood for their free punch and cookies, it seems to be a good arrangement. I recommend it.
And here are some random photos I took while romping around town. Being in D.C. always makes me a little sad.
I always wanted to live there at some point (I started filling out the application for GW for undergrad but decided the tuition wasn't worth it, I was going to go there for an internship when I felt strongly that I shouldn't and ended up staying in Utah and meeting my husband, and I was accepted there a year ago for grad school and was sorely tempted to accept, but alas I was too worried about finances and Joe's business prospects there and ended up attending the better ranked OSU anyway).
I feel sometimes like the time for adventuring has passed now that I've married Joe and his career requires we remain in the same location for him to build a business. And sometimes I'm just a little sad that I'll never get to jog around city blocks like this, take the metro to work, and enjoy the endless sources of entertainment a large city provides. But I content myself with living in Utah and traveling every now and again...and dreaming that someday we can be so rich we own a summerhome somewhere with way more trees--like Williamsburg or some other D.C. suburb.

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Aliese said...

I have never been to D.C. and it makes me sad just thinking about it. I, like you, have come to realize how my own personal "ideal" adventures are really not going to happen now since I've gotten married (not that it's a bad thing, it's just something different). That whole idea about giving up something good for something better...Your pictures are fantastic and they just remind me how badly I would like to go there one day.

CJ said...

FWIW, I'd give up living in DC to have an eternal companion. I know you would, too, just seconding that emotion. (Yes, that's a 1967 song by The Miracles. I'm an old man--but not that old.)

Good to see you got out here to take some pics and *enjoy* the steamy humidity. Pretty terrible, isn't it? But the museums, buildings, and beauty are worth it. :)

Yes, our nation's capitAl (w/ an "a"; the building is w/ an "o", the city w/ an "a"). Come on, poli sci grad student ;) (If comments like these are overly obnoxious, which I'm betting almost definitely are, let me know and I'll swallow them in the future.)

On the camera from a few posts ago, I always end up here: I trust dpreview. It's not "highly recommended", just "recommended", but unless there's another option in that price range, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. That's dirt cheap, and Canon Digital Elphs are phenomenal point and shoot cameras. Look forward to seeing some pics from it!

Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

Anna! Okay so I know you said you were only here for a day or two but next time you have a business trip in DC tell me please please?! I will do all in my power to come see you whatever hotel you are staying at. Or, if you'd like to make another trip to DC with your husband you can stay with us and we can be your tour guides. We live 20 minutes from DC so really next time you come let me know so I can come visit you!!

My husband loves the West Wing too and I consequently fell in love with it as well! Next time you come if you know far enough in advance maybe we could all tour the West Wing together....I love all your pictures of beautiful DC and I agree someday you should move here with me and all the trees. ;)

Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

p.s. I loved Josh Lyman adorable! One of my new favorites is the character playing "Trip" on Star Trek Enterprise (haha). He reminds me of Josh Lyman. :)

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