Saturday, July 19, 2008

Coolest High Chair Ever

So my friend Helena has fabulous taste. And while she tries to reign in her spending (and does REALLY well) occasionally she splurges and gets something fantastic. I'm in love with her high chair. She wanted the crib they make too, but that was just far too pricey.

Joe doesn't know it yet, but I plan on getting this high chair when we have kids. Probably in walnut color because we like dark woods. The price tag is kind of high when you consider what other high chairs cost, but I think that for a chair that will seat your child until they are 6 years old (or so), its a bargain -- I mean regular dining room chairs can cost easily over $100. Plus I like that it wipes down easy, has a warranty, and doesn't really look to babyish.

Definitely cool Helena, I've told you that before, but now I want to tell everyone else. (See you should get a blog so you could blog about stuff like this. :)

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helenakamm said...

We'll have to start a Stokke fund.

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