Saturday, July 12, 2008

I didn't even need a Honey Do List

So today Joe and I stopped by "Linens and Things" because they were having a major sale (all Linen's and Things in Utah and Nevada are going out of business so most of the store is 30% off or more -- I got these adorable pillows for the couch that are exactly my taste and were originally $40 bucks a piece but I got them for 60% off). I'm very proud I restrained myself to just the two pillows, a wooden salad bowl with tossing claws, a super cheap thanksgiving colors table cloth, a jar of peppercorns to feed Joe's need for fresh ground pepper, and a Brita water filter that we needed anyway.

I wanted the salad spinner but I restrained myself. I wanted picture frames. I wanted drapes and the bamboo cutting board. It goes on an on.....I don't have a shoe fetish I have a kitchen tool and home decorating fetish. And right now we don't even have our own kitchen. This was quite a few purchases for me, but it all came in under decently under $100. And Joe left with a Godiva dark chocolate bar (and the peppercorns) so he was a happy camper.

But the BEST find of the day was the sonicare toothbrush charger. Since the store is going out of business EVERYTHING is for sale (including some shelving that would be super helpful in your garage or pantry so you may want to check that out). So when we passed the section with the power toothbrushes, Joe saw the display for the sonicare and it sent the wheels a whirring in his head. He asked one of the workers if they would sell it to us. You see, when we lost the moving van we lost our toothbrush charger (our toothbrushes were in the hotel with us, but we'd packed the charger) and a sonicare toothbrush without the sonic waves is just a heavy toothbrush. So we've been pretty sad about that and our teeth have not been nearly as clean. Well, we had the greatest luck and they GAVE the display model to us, they said they weren't sure if the charger would even work.

Joe was so excited. He came home, took off the toothbrush that was glued to the charger, unscrewed the charger, examined the base and realized that he would need some parts. $3 and a trip to Lowe's later he returns with necessary parts in hand. Not long after that, Wallah, working sonicare charger. A man with mechanical skills is totally hot.

So there you go, we're both ridiculously giddy, What can I say, we like clean teeth.

3 little remarks:

CJ said...

Ooooh, Sonicare. Mine died a while back and you're probably right; my teeth are probably far less clean. I should do something about that--like go to a Linens 'n Things somewhere on the other side of the country and look for a charger. What tools did he need?

I like the new layout, yo. :)

Ellen said...

In Ohio too, I think. At least there have been commercials for it...

Charayne said...

ha ha ha! I love clean teeth too, oh and I love sales!

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