Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's all about ME (and you too)

So recent events have spurred much personal reflection into my past, which I have a love / hate relationship with. I love nostalgia, but I hate that sick feeling of longing to relive those moments....I wish I had some sore of emotional capability to fondly remember the past without wishing to have some sort of access to time travel. But it does make me so happy to have so many memores. But I can't tell you how often I've wished I could take a vacation back to my past for a couple days and just enjoy the blissful parts of it.

There's a super cheesy country song right now called "You're Gonna Miss This" and it is so true,

"You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast. These are the good times so take a good look around. You may not know it now, but you're gonna miss this."

I feel that way about so many times in my past (high school, being young and single at BYU, graduate school in ohio (who knew our time in Ohio would be so short, I miss you guys!)) and I kick myself for not relaxing and enjoying it more, which is why I'm striving to enjoy our young married childless life, I know I really will miss it.

So when my friend Jessie posted on her blog asking people to comment back with their favorite memories of her: I was totally fascinated. What a great idea.

So because I can always use a self-esteem boost and because I am missing you all so much, I'm doing the same. I can't wait to hear what your favorite memories are of me and you (just leave a comment here). Actually, Joe and I meant to do something like this after we lost our journals in the moving van; the loss of my journals and scrapbooks is probably the thing I cried/cry most about, so having a few memories here would mean a lot to me. So comment away, I look forward to it. (And if you do this on your blog I'll be happy to comment on yours)

(And here's a picture of me, because you know how I love pictures in posts. I always hoped these bridals would come in handy.)

11 little remarks:

Tannie Datwyler said...

Okay, I am so happy that you wrote about "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" because that made my decision easier as to what memory I wanted to relate.

Ballroom dance class!! Remember all the line dances? EVERY time I hear the song "God Bless Texas" I laugh out loud and think of you. I heard that song on the radio the day after I found out Craig died, so my memories of High School were already going wild. It put a smile on my face to remember doing all those dances with you.

I miss our talks. We used to have great times talking and I always felt like there was no judgement. I haven't seen you for so long. We really do need to get together for a chat.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oh sorry! One more - remember when Mark and I kidnapped you as a joke? It was right before Christmas, and Mark told you that you two were kidnapping me. I was hiding in the back of his van and you accidentally told him (and me listening in) what you got me for Christmas - "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." The ironic thing - I had gotten you the same thing. I still have that stupid VHS.

Jessie said...

I still love the story about when Mrs. Baker walked into the classroom on my first day of 8th grade history, and practically demanded that I stop trying to be funny and get back to my real class... because she thought you and I were the same person! We just happened to sit in the same seat, have the same general coloring... so funny! I was so excited to be compared to someone I thought was so pretty, smart, and funny.

I also have crazy memories of MUN, and being envious of how you just understood everything... I always felt so out of the loop, and really looked up to you and Reija. You had so much fun, but really knew what you were doing, too.

Aliese Fry said...

-ok- Anna this could be long, this could be short...I'm currently going through ALL my high school scrapbooks and writing about EVERY PICTURE YOU'RE IN!!! And, as promised, one day I'll actually scan them so you can have them. :)

#1--Summer Seminary. Definitely good times and there's a picture of you and Brooke making muffins for breakfast afterward! We were at Derek Anderson's house.

#2--Sweethearts 2000! Your date was Joe Jones. I remember we met all together (I think at Tara's house) to plan our activities. We ate dinner at Julie's house, had napkins made, and our pictures were blurred! Apparently in the group shot we were all about the Charlie's Angels guns! You sat between Paul and Joe at dinner and across the table from Tara.

#3--Prom 2000! You went with Steve Dalton. This was when Julie and I had the same fabric :). We all caravaned in two 15-seater vans and met at Bryan Crown's house. We took a fabulous picture outside with the vans where the guys knelt in front of us

#4--I have a Spring Fling group picture of your group; you went with Abe. I wasn't in your group though so I'm not quite sure what to tell you about that particular memory!

#5--Choir Tour Senior Year. Six Flags was phenomenal as far as I was concerned. Lots and lots of group photos were taken! We ate these HUGE taco salads in the park there. Let's not forget that while we were at Disneyland a tree from the Tarzan tree house fell and injured 27 people. How random is that?

#6--Senior Dinner Dance was at Little America and it was fantastic to not have to worry about gettin' a date! I LOVED being able to just go and have fun with friends.

#7--Random school portrait-you're in a blue shirt; classic. No fun story though.

#8--Meghan Thomas had a BBQ at her house before we all moved away or went to college. We played badminton, jumped on the tramp, at food and just had good times in general.

#9--And now a memory without a photo. We had 10th grade history together and I remember the whole "THE ANNA SANDERS" experience came back to apparently haunt you. Sadly, I did not go to Joel P. to actually experience where THE ANNA originated.

#10--One last random memory: you lived down the street from Landon Huber who had a crush on me in elementary school and I remember you walked me down to his house one day and we didn't even tell him who I was for the longest time. That was pretty comical.

Graham & Heather said...

All time, meeting you and Brooke in the bathroom at EFY. Who knew friends from back then would actually keep in touch?

Luthi said...

I glad you found me! My favorite memory...hmm there was 10th grade history as Aliese mentioned where we had more fun and learned less in Jar's class than any other! And our sub who clipped his toenails on the desk, yuck!!!!

Jess said...

The thing I remember most about you is how contagious (and adorable) your laugh is and how nice and sweet you are. Plus, how a smile was always on your face.

Ali said...

This is a fun idea! One of my favorites is when my Mom came down to visit to help me prep for my wedding and you were on your way to your byu clogging class and she was asking you about it and you gladly did a little solo demonstration for her right there in the kitchen! From then on out, you were the favorite roommate I had at BYU. She loves you. Plus, I loved your clogging too :)

Miryam said...

Ok, I haven't known you very long, but... you know that day when we ended up talking in the computer lab for something like two hours, about our relationships? That was the first time someone else could explain Will's position to me. So that wins, hands down. We miss you in Cbus!

Steve and Kristen Weller said...

Well, seeing how I know both of you (I know Anna a little bit better, but that's ok) I'll share a little bit about you both!
Anna- Where in the world would we be without you being so smart in High School? I remember after meeting you that you were quite possibly the smartest girl I knew, and when I read Harry Potter, your face kept running through my head when I read about Hermione... But seriously. Our A.P. Biology class wouldn't have been quite as fun without the teacher walking up and down the aisles with a snake hook to bang on the tables if anyone was asleep.
Joe-You were pretty good friends with my brother BJ, so when I used to hang out with Heidi and her friend Lindsay, I got to know the good kid you were (you are still presumably). You won't remember this, but one day at a stake basketball tournament, my mom pointed you out to me and said "There is a 5-star kid. He is really smart, plays basketball really well, can sing very well, and is an all-around good kid. That's the kind of person you should try to be like." So, kudos to you. My band teacher in Jr. High, Mr. Decker, once played your Kords cd and let us know that your group had the best voice percussion and near-instrument quality that he had ever heard. So I bought it, and loved your renditions. Who would have ever known that you would end up marrying one of my friends from high school? Small world.

Charayne said...

So many to choose from...I guess walking down our street together and talking. Going to each others houses and making cookies and making fun of Paul and Garrett. Those were the good old days. Hopefully we have many more memories to make in the future. I love haning out with you!!!

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