Saturday, July 12, 2008

Movies in the Park, Old School

So I discovered two cool thing today. One was that Provo city has a great outdoor activity guide (its a pdf to dowload it click here). And on page 20 was this gem: Classic Movies at Rock Canyon Park. Now, moes in the park have become very popular all across the Wasatch Front (and I"m still a little irked that I missed seeing Goonies earlier this summer), but this one is kind of unique, really old movies. I recommend going to see "An Affiar to Remember" on August 4th or "Charade" on August 25th -- if you are craving a little Audrey Hepburn these days. I think we just may go on the 4th, anyone game?

And did I mention, that it also happens to be free?

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3 little remarks:

Graham & Heather said...

That is awesome, we might have to check that out. Graham isn't as big into old movies as I am, but maybe I can convince him.

Charayne said...

We would love to go with you guys sometime, I am bugged that we missed Goonies too...."Hey yooou guuuys!"

Nerak said...

You always find such fun things to do!!

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