Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Point and Shoot

So Joe and I have a big family vacation coming up that I am SOO - O excited about. I wanted to get our new digital SLR camera before then, but its looking like the finances will not align until after then (and I don't want to buy a model that is cheaper by $100 or $200 just because I want it for the vacation). I'm still trying to decide which one to get. Recent camera reviews have me thinking I should save a few months and get the Rebel XSi rather than the Rebel Xti since I do not plan on upgrading the body of my camera anytime in the next few years, if ever. I've heard its better just to focus on new lenses. So I'd rather start with a model that is not too pricey but also not the lowest on the totem pole of cameras out there. Alas I digress for this post is not about my dreams of an SLR and all the further research and camera store visits which I have ahead of me before buying, this is about my new point and shoot.

So we need a new point and shoot because: our current one is clearly on its last leg. I won't complain about it, lets just say the on camera delete button doesn't work and suddenly I can't turn the flash back to auto either (it's stuck in the "off" position resulting in blurry photos in low light even if I increase the ISO). And the battery is falling out. Okay enough said.

So I've done some preliminary research. And here are my thoughts. I want a good point and shoot that is quite compact (the whole point of having this in the future will be so I don't have to lug around the big camera to everything, I can just slip this in my pocket). It needs decent resolution -- I want good sharpness above all and the ability to blow them up to a somewhat decent size. I do a lot of cropping so it can be important. Good color tone, good auto white balance, etc etc. I currently have a Nikon point and shoot that I'm not that fond of (we lost my canon powershot in the moving van, Joe bought it before we met and mercilessly his was saved by being in his car).

Oh and did I mention that I only want to spend around $200 on this puppy? The camera I think I want is the Canon Powershot SD1100 which sells on Amazon for about $207. There's a good review about it here.

Does anyone have any tips on whether this is a good choice or not? Anyone? Anyone? As always CJ I especially anticipate your feedback (my friend CJ has become quite the photographer, check out his photo stream on flickr, I'd post a few here but some photographers are quite sensitive about their photos being blogged without permission and I'm not sure his stance).

Photography, I love, love, love it. More and more I wonder: why aren't there two of me so I can pursue this and polisci full-time?

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Jess said...

I don't know much about cameras, but I have a Canon Powershot SD1000 and I love it. I'm sure the 1100 isn't that much different.
It's compact and takes great photos.

Laura said...

I don't have any camera advice, other than Nate just bought the rebel XSI for his pros. program. yeah, it was required...along with about a million $$$ worth of flashes, lenses, etc...
I want to hear more about this fabulous vacation!

Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

I also don't know much about cameras but wanted to post a comment just because I adore you! :) I like my Nikon camera but aquired it by chance so I didn't do any research. I love photography too! Once I'm done with nursing and interior design I think that will be a good third degree...haha.

Marcia said...

I just checked out your friend's link on flickr. Wow, really amazing! Why don't you ask him what great things we can do while in chicago?

Mardi & Jeremey said...

Wow, I don't know what you should do. We ended up buying a Nikon D40 and love it. We got it on a zero interest rate credit card from circuit city, but it took us a few other point and shoots before we got up the guts to spend the money.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

How cool....I lost my camera on the flight from Virginia and I couldn't remember the brand. So I looked up this post and was able to tell lost and found that I have a Nikon. :) Cross your fingers I'll find it! All those pictures! :(

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