Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Shabby Apple, Why are you so pricey?

I first heard about the clothing company Shabby Apple at church in Ohio (word about modest attractive clothing travels fast in the Mormon world). And I have fallen in love with so many of their clothes. If you throw a "trunk show" any time soon let me know, I'd love to come try something on.

I very much am in love with this necklace "Time for Tea" which is "on sale" for $97.99. Lol. On sale for me would be $9.79, sweet! Or in this case, sweet dreams.

I somehow fell in love with the city "Nantucket" while watching This Old House on PBS Saturday mornings growing up, so it comes as no surprise that I am also in love with this dress. At $64.60 I'll be waiting for clearance.

And I passed up the white dress that fit me like a glove at Down East so maybe I can justify an end of summer clearance sale when this gets marked down even further (currently at $64.60). I could have sworn this is the dress my friend Elisabeth wore in her engagement photos...looking incredibly adorable I must add.

And if you aren't tempted enough by the options for yourself, check out this adorable "Vineyard" dress for your little girl, killer! I want to have a baby totally adorned in "Shabby Baby", mom, you better save up because at $38 a pop these dresses just might break the bank and I know you'll be tempted. Maybe we should stock some similar fabric and tap your sewing skills.
And even though these are on the kids site, I want some for my own hair. Joe's a fan of my hair accessories lately (like the totally beautiful burgundy satin chunky headband I got at Steve and Barry's). Does anyone think they could help me make some of these for cheaper than the $12 asking price?

Seriously Shabby Apple, have a clearance sale soon - it would make me so happy.

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Anonymous said...
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Aliese said...

Those hair flowers would be WAY EASY to make and for FAR LESS than $12 a pop! Same with the little girl dress. If you're serious about stockin' up on fabric, Wal*Mart always has a stack of $1/yard and $2/yard fabric. You can usually find a couple of really cute patterns.

Luthi said...

So i almost bought that white dress at down east but then thought me and white bad idea! but i love the black one!! you have great taste!

Colby and Meredith said...

Belive it or not, my cousin is actually the co-founder/designer (whatever) of Shabby Apple. I'll pass the word along... :)

Anonymous said...

Anna, about the necklace. Have you ever gone to a bead store? They actually have some pretty amazing stones, we should go and you could have that necklace for $9

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