Monday, July 28, 2008

Rewind: How a Simple Flirtatious Text Got Me Married

Mine and Joe's first wedding anniversary is on Friday and since I won't be posting then (I've got plans!) I thought I'd post a little something now. Our wedding website is about to go offline (as I recall they keep it live for us for a year) and on there we had the story of how we met. In case you didn't get to read it a year ago, you can read it now. We are incredibly adorable, here's our little back and forth debate about how we met.

J: Well, the first time I noticed Anna was at a friends house. She walked in and had the entire group's attention with her witty humor. I remember being very impressed and intrigued.

A: And not long after at a BBQ Joe walked in wearing this black polo and all I thought was...dang...he looked sooo good

J: Yeah, I remember that night too. Anna was gaming it up on the X Box with some of our mutual friends. I was sitting in front of her watching the action as well, and for some reason I felt comfortable with laying down on the carpet with my head touching her leg. And for some reason...she didn't move it. Yeah, I was attracted at this point...

A: Well apparently not attracted enough to take action the next day at church I told Kate and Kathie, "I might have a minor crush on Joe" which elated them both. And despite my request to keep it on the down low, Kate headed straight from Relief Society to hunt down Joe and spill it all.

J: This only made me more anxious to meet this girl. That day, Kate also informed me that this was Anna's last day in our ward. I meant to get her number that day, but got sidetracked at the ward social. So, in desperation, I showed up early the next morning (Memorial Day), for some Ultimate Frisbee, where I hoped she might be playing with some friends of ours...

A: And I hate mornings. And I'm bad at frisbee. But I pulled myself out of bed, because I knew Joe would be there. And then, when I got there, he wasn't... and I regretted getting up. But I stayed and played because what could I do, tell everyone, "I'm going home, I only came for Joe and he's not here". Well thank heavens for that because soon Joe showed up.

J: She was there! So we played some frisbee. She may not have been the best frisbee'er on the field, but she could hold her own. She even helped in a couple of the touch downs! Good job babe. Then the games were done and everyone was sitting down for a breather. A friend of ours, Ricky, was trying his best to get a date with Anna.

A: How embarrassing. Me and team sports: never good for my ego. So while we all took a water break most everyone decided to head home early. One of the guys there seemed bent on getting me to go hiking with him and I'm thinking, "i wanna go hiking with Joe". I was rather oblivious to the fact that this guy was trying to ask me out and invited Joe to come hiking with us. Yeah I've got great social skills...

J: I thought it was rather amusing to watch as he tried for weekend after weekend for a date with this girl. I was impressed. I also felt for the guy as she turned down every single attempt! That's rough...

A: So finally I agreed on a date: two weeks from the next Saturday. So as he was getting my number Joe opens up his phone and takes it down too, only saying, "Anna, what's your last name?" Nice, he didn't even have to gather the courage to get it.

J: I was nervous! If you'd just seen a guy get shot down after 5 attempts at getting a date with a girl, you would be too! So then we somehow got on the subject of tennis.

A: I love tennis! I may really bite the dust in frisbee, but I'm decent at tennis. So I wanted to save face...I mean I'm not completely athletically inept. Plus I wanted to spend time with him. So we decided to go play tennis since frisbee was ending early. And other than the fact that Joe mistakenly thought I said I was engaged (and responded with, "well I was gonna say, why don't you just go play tennis with your fiance then") it went pretty well.

J: Hey, just making my intentions clear. By the way, I won the tennis match in the end...

A: Won?! Only because I let him. :)

Well, I really liked Joe, but I'm not a patient girl and by Friday he still hadn't called. In fact, I was riding in a car with some friends when he called the girl sitting next to me, I love Jamie, but it seemed like every boy in the world loved Jamie too. So I decided to take some action, and I sent Joe a text message that said, "I think my ward crush on you is waning, what should we do about that?"

J: So, I read the text and just thought to myself, "this girl is awesome!" So I replied back with, "I think we oughtta stoke the fire!"

A: Delightful, I love witty boys! I didn't have any agenda with this flirtatious message....but it definitely produced results. We went out the next day...and not just to dinner and a movie.

J: That's right. I certainly had an agenda though. I kind of had the feeling that Anna might feel like she put herself out too much on the line, and I wanted her to know that I liked her back. So I held her hand as we sat around a campfire talking.

A: I never hold hands on the first date (as in, really, I never have). I also never kiss on the second date...but when Joe went for it, I let him.

J: Whatever, she encouraged me. She totally looked at my lips.

A: Whatever.

J: She did.

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Michael-Jennifer-Adam said...

I loved reading this blog! Great story. You are the master blogger! I love checking your blog because there's always likely to be something new!

Happy 1st Anniversary on Friday!

Nerak said...

Hilarious! I love the back and forth. What a great story.

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Great story! Bet it gets better with every telling. Wait till you have been married ten years and then you can retell this story and say what ever you want happened and no one will be the wiser. You two must be made for each other.

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Great story. Bet it gets better each time you tell it. Wait till you have been married ten years and the telling will even be better.

Luthi said...


dibble family said...

I hope you know how much your blog makes my day. I'm rather in love with it. And I love your meeting story, you guys are so cute!

Tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary. I know it late but we finally got around to watching “The King of Kong” due to your recommendation. All I can say is “I wanted to be a hero. I wanted the glory. I wanted the fame. I want the pretty girls coming up to me saying ‘Hi, I hear you’re pretty good at Centipede!’” Classic

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