Saturday, July 26, 2008

Subzero Ice Cream

Yesterday Joe and I hung out with Brooke and Eric and their new baby Jack. We at some really yummy french dip (I hated french dip in elementary school and consequently avoided it most of my life since until about a year ago when I became recently converted. I now love it). Then we hung out and talked and I got to play with cute little Jack. We stopped by a birthday party and then Brooke and Eric introduced us to Subzero ice cream. So you get to pick your base (go for the fattening stuff, I tried to scrimp on calories and it ended up tasting more like creamy shaved ice instead of nice creamy ice cream), then you pick a flavor for your ice cream (we picked raspberry and we should have told them to add extra flavor here because it was too lightly flavored) and then you pick a mix in (we chose dark chocolate flakes--Joe's a dark chocolate addict). Then they have the creamy mixture and they spray it with liquid nitrogen which is so cold it freezes the ice cream as they stir it (very cool). We'll definitely be trying it again (thanks for introducing us you guys!). Then we watched the movie Penelope, which was very cute, and drove home.

Good times.
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3 little remarks:

Jessie said...

Aww, you should've stopped by here! Maybe next time. :)

We'll have to check SubZero out sometime... Brooke knows all the great places--she got us some AMAZING chinese food the other day.

Felicity said...

I LOVE Subzero ice cream. Delish!
And I LOVE Penelope. Such a great movie. Sounds like a super awesome night!

Brooke said...

Fun night! We loved it- thanks for making our evening Anna and Joe. (Sorry your ice-cream wasn't as good as it could have been- but I'm glad you see the potential) And good choice on the Penelope movie Joe- it was super cute.

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