Sunday, July 13, 2008

They're bigger! They're better!They're back! (CD #2)

So my husband Joe was in a quartet senior year of high school. They called themselves the Kords (chords with a K because they went to Kearns High School, yeah, they're creative). So they've got some pretty mad skills and have kept singing together for the past 12 years (minus their missions). But they are all still good friends and sing together when they can (which isn't often enough since Matt and his wife live in Arizona right now).

They sang at our wedding (minus Matt, who unfortunately could not make it which disappointed both us and them). They actually are quite good and very entertaining (not to mention good looking!!). So if you want to see the Kords performt hey are doing a reunion concert for friends and family (usually they get together and sing at one of their houses while us girls chat and eat dessert). But we want you all to come.

The concert will be from 7 to 9 pm on July 24th at 7411 S 4800 W, West Jordan (which is a church house). It's a dessert potluck so bring something yummy. We're pretty sure we'll have a babysitter there for our nieces and nephews and other kiddos, we're planning on hiring some teenagers and it'll be something like $4.00 per child. We are normally totally into having kids around, but since they are recording the concert we don't want to have noisy kids in the background of the CD. If you've got kids you can email us at joeandannablog at gmail dot com and I can get you the details as they are finalized.

So, come. See how amazingly talented my husband and his friends are. It'll be lots of fun.

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henderson said...

Anna, I can't believe it is you! I saw your comment about seminary on Angie's blog, thought it might be you, and blog-stalked my way to your blog. This is Stephanie (Hall) Henderson by the way. It is good to see what you have been up to. Our blog is private, so shout me an email at and I will send you an invite.


henderson said...

*please shoot me an email, not shout me one...that would be weird. :)

Charayne said...

Would love to hear them sometime, where can you get the CD's?

Anna said...

you can get one from us when this one is finished, or we can burn you a copy of the old one. They are really fun.

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