Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tiling Hurts, that's what friends are for

How do people lay tile for a living? My goodness. Every muscle in my body is aching in protest: "For the love." Joe and I helped our friends tile their bathroom today. We were so tired and achy when we got home I didn't think we had the energy to shower. But we did and feel rejuvenated (though still sore).

I am happy to report that Helena and Brian's bathroom no longer has carpet (I still do NOT understand who thinks carpet should EVER belong in a bathroom). They have been wanting change it out since they moved in so I am happy for them. I am also happy that our tiles look better than those pictured left (better as in more functional not necessarily asthetically more attractive, though Helena picked great tile). I am also happy to report we took the road less traveled and layed the tile on the diagonal. More cutting, but it was totally worth it. It looks so fabulous!

I learned a lot about tiling (and more than I ever needed to know about how a toilet gets put together --- that wax ring seal thing looks like a donut made out of earwax, yuck). Today: I layed cement board, I measured for tile, I did a home depot run. I layed cement. I put in tile spacers. I wiped tiles down. I scraped open my arm on the towel rod (it's only a flesh wound.) I measured once, twice, no three times and it still wasn't as perfect as it coudl have been. I understood why people use linoleum instead. I had fun talking with Helena. It was an all around crazy day. And tomorrow I teach at church and my lesson is no prepared, so off to bed I go.

Thanks to Brian for watching the baby all day. Thanks to Joe's dad for lending us the tiling tools. And thanks to Lena and Brian for lunch and dinner (and thank you Eli for feeding me grapes one by one...very relaxing. :)

The only downside? We didn't finish completely. Tiling again next week. And now to bed, my body is rejoicing.

2 little remarks:

Felicity said...

I'm impressed. This is one home improvement project I have never tackled.

Charayne said...

We laid all the tile in our house. It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. I agree carpet+bathroom=:(. I laughed when I saw (it's only a flesh wound!) Have fun.

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