Sunday, August 17, 2008

100 Things You May or May Not Know, About Me

When I saw this post I thought it looked like fun. And no, I don't expect that anyone will actually read this entire post.

  1. I majored in political science but I generally hate talking about politics in social conversation.
  2. I love math and wish I'd known that about myself sooner.
  3. I like being creative but don't think I have much natural artistic talent
  4. I love pizza
  5. I wish I lived in a smallish town with lots of trees, but that all my friends and family could still be there (but if it were too small I'd go nuts, thus smallish)
  6. I was the English Sterling Scholar in high school.
  7. I don't read classic literature much at all anymore.
  8. I hate the book Grapes of Wrath and only read the cliff notes in high school.
  9. I love the Twilight series and choose to overlook all the literary flaws so many people find.
  10. I like cheesy movies and unrealistic books -- what do I read for if not to be carried away from the cares of daily life?
  11. I love babies but I'm not ready for my own
  12. I wish I were taller
  13. Good steak is one of my favorite foods.
  14. I hate mayonnaise more than anyone I have ever met
  15. I cannot spell mayonnaise without a spell checker, apparently
  16. I cannot eat much in a single sitting, I get full really fast.
  17. I type ridiculously fast (the other day at the library I was just typing an email and the girl next to me glanced over at my hands, it made me smile. Joe also regularly comments on my speedy typing)
  18. I can google just about anything and quickly find what I (or you) are looking for
  19. I interned at a magazine once and was published
  20. I had 3 different serious plans to study abroad and they were all foiled, I still can't believe I never studied abroad
  21. I have serious wedding envy, but I can't stop looking at wedding photographer blogs
  22. I guess this makes me somewhat of a masochist
  23. When I was a little girl i wanted to be gymnast
  24. When I was a little girl I hated how I looked in a leotard
  25. I'm a terrible dancer
  26. I love show tunes
  27. In my heart I can sing like Sutton Foster, but when I sing it never comes out that way
  28. I know I'm smart, but I try to hide that I know it because I really don't want to be arrogant
  29. I really do want to be a perfect little homemaker and still have a career that I excel in and I hold on to the hope that I really can "do it all"
  30. I feel guilty that I want to work after I have kids
  31. I feel overly guilty about a lot of things (though I'm not saying that my guilt over #30 is unjustified)
  32. I'm starting to wonder why I never majored in graphic design
  33. I love statistics. I could sit in a lab for hours with random data and have fun running (er I mean estimating) statistical models in STATA.
  34. I love to cook
  35. I hate to clean after cooking
  36. I like vacuuming
  37. I hate doing the dishes
  38. I've had to ban myself from buying anymore sets of dishes because I fall in love with so many, but really a girl only needs a daily use set and a china set.
  39. I truly believe there is no end to the kitchen gadgets I desire to have
  40. I think maybe I'm kind of materialistic
  41. I love photography
  42. I'm getting better at taking my own pictures
  43. I wish I could be 18 again and spend a summer shadowing some photographer, carrying their bags and learning how they take such fabulous photos
  44. I like to talk
  45. I try not to talk too much (this may surprise you but I really do try)
  46. I love teaching in church
  47. I have a hard time sitting still for 3 hours in church, apparently I have ADD, but only in church
  48. I have a hard time delegating, I'd rather just do it right myself
  49. I had terrible insomnia once for a couple months; it was awful
  50. I feel no need to use proper grammar on my blog
  51. I am a perfectionist in many ways but not in others (for example part of me wants to review every post I write ten times to make sure the writing is just magnificent and another part of me says 'oh to heck with it, just post it'...usually part two wins after I've read through the post once...but not always.)
  52. I am a worrier and I worry about that too
  53. I love my husband and he really is my best friend
  54. But...during our courtship I was such an anxious wreck about things that I almost broke up with him constantly and then after we were engaged I called it off and then 6 months later we finally got married, but I was still a total anxious mess
  55. I thought I was the only one who had this kind of anxiety but then I realized that most people just don't talk about it much
  56. I have found that by talking about it with friends I've been able to help them understand themselves or their significant other a lot better
  57. I'm amazed I met a man who could suffer through all of item 54 and stick with me realizing that it wasn't about him, or my love for him, it was about me. I didn't even believe him for a while, but now I see that he was exactly right.
  58. I loved high school.
  59. I was in Model United Nations in high school and loved every second of it
  60. I never had a boyfriend in high school and was so insecure about boys that I had a really hard time believing any of them ever had a crush on me
  61. I didn't kiss a boy til I was graduated from high school.
  62. I didn't date much in college. Really, not even once a month.
  63. I hate drama (as in emotional social drama, I flee from it like the plague)
  64. It's rare that I meet someone I can't find something likeable about
  65. Sometimes I'm socially awkward
  66. I don't think I have a lot of enemies
  67. I like organizing things
  68. I love Ikea (I think this is related to #67)
  69. I really would like to be rich enough some day to not have to worry, ever, about paying bills.
  70. I'm terrified that when I have children one of them will have a serious disability (like autism) and I won't be able to handle it
  71. I wish I had better fashion sense
  72. I wish my hair had more volume to it (Ariel I covet your hair so much, I hope you love it)
  73. I like my eyes
  74. I wish I had Joe's eyelashes
  75. I actually do like computer games, but I don't play them much because I get sucked in and feel like I'm wasting time
  76. I don't like dark movies or loud raucous music, I'm very sensitive about how such entertainment affects my mood.
  77. I think I've given up on trying to respond to everyone who messages me on facebook, sorry.
  78. I just like to use facebook to find long lost people and look at their wedding pictures.
  79. Sometimes I'm anti-social.
  80. I love to try new things
  81. #80 means that I truly have not mastered anything, but I have tried many things
  82. I took a basket weaving class in college if you want to learn I'd love to get back into it
  83. I took clogging in college too, I was terrible. See #25
  84. I think the key to my happiness in life is lifelong learning
  85. Finding ways to continue learning now that my formal education is over (at least for now) has been a very challenging transition
  86. I like my job but it does stress me out sometimes.
  87. I love BYU -- it's purpose/mission and it's grounds. I love working there.
  88. I'm a very independent person.
  89. I like the outdoors but I'm not outdoorsy
  90. I prefer cabin camping to tent camping
  91. I love pie.
  92. Politically I think I'm more of a European than an American, but at the same time I'm still very patriotic.
  93. I'm a problem solver, that's what I like to do.
  94. When I have the money I'd like to hire a maid.
  95. My religion is incredibly important to me, perhaps the most important thing in my life
  96. I like to share my faith with others but I try so hard to not be pushy about it
  97. Lately I'm very intrigued by the concept of faith and am realizing more and more why in our church we call it the "first principle of the gospel" because belief in God requires utter and complete faith.
  98. I'm amazed by how much there is to love in the world.
  99. I cannot believe how fast time flies
  100. I like myself, but I'm never satisfied with myself. I'm working on 'loving what is' with myself and my life in general.

That was more difficult than I imagined. Trying to think of 100 things about yourself. And now I feel as if I've overshared. Luckily most of you have not read most of this list so maybe I've overshared generally but not individually. Phew.

Try it, it's enlightening.

7 little remarks:

Felicity said...

I read your entire list, and I'm most intrigued as to why you think your love of Ikea is related to your lack of enemies. I mean, the Swedish are a nice people and everything, but they're not the uber-neutrals like the Swiss...

Anna said...

lol. good catch Tara. I fixed it. It should have said 67

Aliese said...

I pretty much loved this post! I am thinkin' it was challenging.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I read your whole post too. . . :) It's fun to read when people write well. One thing though, I thought you DID have a boyfriend in high school. . . hmmm what exactly was going on with you and Joe at the end of the year?

Anna said...

oh I forgot about that. Joe and I did start dating the last week or so of high school. I count him as my summer after high school romance. A good first boyfriend.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I loved reading your post. I always think the same thing that most people don't read my posts but then again is that really why I post???

Anyway, I loved reading this because it made me realize again how much we have in common. I always wanted to be closer to you in high school..but hey it's never too late right?

I hated Grapes of Wrath too and was appalled at some of the books required in school. Mike tells me it's because I'm too naive...or at least was growing up?

I feel the same way about #51 and 52...and 54-57 sound like you're talking about me! I might just have to copy and paste for my post...just kidding I wouldn't. :)

emily said...

For some reason, I find this sort of thing very amusing. Insightful, sort of. What fun! Also, thanks for the link you made to my blog. Elisabeth emailed it to me.

Nice things make me smile.

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