Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Begin With the End in Mind" -- Steven Covey

FYI. I am a recent convert to the concept of goal making. I have always made abstract goals in my life (i.e. graduate from college -- check, get married -- check check) and sporadically made other specific goals (i.e. make my bed at least half the time this week...uh check, or rather lack of check, write in my journal weekly, check minus).

Such goals are certainly worthwhile. But I also realized that for me, to be most effective I have to make specific goals to try new things or to make major changes about myself (i.e. try 2 new recipes this week or sign up for a statistics class or do research on digital scrapbooking).

I think that since graduating from college is now behind me I feel driven to work towards something new. Or rather I feel driven to develop a habit of achieving smaller goals. I have become more aware that if I want cool things to happen in my life I have to make them happen. If I want to be one of those people who goes to farmers markets on Saturday and movies in the park during the summer I have to PLAN those things, (btw I saw Charade with Audrey Hepburn last night, pics to come...right Madison? don't forget to email those). So, If I want to be the type of person who does Martha Stewart crafts on Saturday and throws amazing parties on Friday evenings I actually have to plan those things. If I want to be one of those moms who does amazingly cool things for back to school, holidays, and birthdays I will have to plan that too (fyi I'm already taking notes on things I see on blogs and plan on testing some out on Joe this holiday season -- come on he's basically a kid).

Traditions, life changes, and picking up new hobbies rarely just happens. At least for me it requires a great deal of planning. It's like that feeling of making and keeping a new year's resolution, but I can have it all the time. It's delightful.

So I'm curious: How do you make and keep goals? What are some of your favorite traditions? I want to hear about it all. So comment away, or better yet, do your own post on some current personal goals or plans for building family traditions and comment so I'll know to go read it. Can't wait to read all about it.

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graham and heather said...

Graham and I really like to do and try new things. We aren't the best at it but when we do it we love it. So when we think of something we want to do we start making a list and see when we can do them. I find that if I write things done I am better at doing them or at least finding out more about it. Anyway good luck on your goals!

Jessie said...

I think just having someone to try something new with me is a big key in my success. And it can't just be my husband, for some reason. An example: Cory tried very briefly to teach me guitar back when we were newlyweds, and it lasted all of like a week. This summer I've been going to a guitar class with a few women in my ward, and I've learned a ton, to where I actually feel almost comfortable playing in front of other people. I've also learned several new crafty things this same way.

The other thing that really motivates me to complete my goals is money--if I want something, either for myself or for a gift for someone else, but know I can't afford to buy it, I'll teach myself to make it.

Mostly I just have to keep my goals within reason--I can't expect Cory to want to go to movies or the farmer's market every weekend, just because he's so busy. So I make goals and traditions of the things I can do with just the girls, and then include Cory on the things that I know he'll love, so we'll all have a good time.

emily said...

How ironic. I just posted a list today of 101 things to do in 1001 days. That's how I make and keep goals. I list them and put them where I can see them.

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