Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Good Cause

If you are mega into the blogging community you will already have heard about a tragedy that just struck a really nice family. I'd never heard of her before, but I'm relatively new to blogging. Anyway Stephanie and her husband were in a plane crash with their flight instructor. The flight instructor was killed, Stephanie was burned over 80% of her body and her husband over 30%. They have four children.

I'm sure you can imagine that their medical bills will be enormous. You can read more about their recovery here.

I don't have time to write much of a post today, but wanted you to know about a fund raising effort that is going on today. Several power bloggers have started some awareness and Design Mom Gabrielle decided to use her blogging power to declare today "Nie Nie Day" and do some fundraising by encouraging people to do some blogging auctions---she has a list of tons of auctions on her blog. Read about it there (or google to find some other auctions, you can do that by going to and typing in Nie Nie Day and see what you find). People are donating some pretty amazing things (for example, The Jolly Porter is auctioning off the writing of a post about how awesome you are; if you don't understand why having the Jolly Porter write a piece about your amazingness would be, well, amazing, then you haven't checked out his blog. If the bidding weren't already over $200 I'd buy that one, or win an amazing stroller, some killer photography packages, a blanket made out of your baby's clothes, or a guitar owned by Maroon 5...I could go on an on). Go bid, it's for a good cause and you'll get something great in return. Or you can host your own auction. Or just donate directly.

3 little remarks:

CJ said...

Off topic, but random. Along w/ your post came another friend blog post into my RSS reader "Friends" folder. And whaddya know? That friend used "Whala" instead of "voila". You're not alone. And my OCD is freaking out a bit. :)

Anna said...

lol. that is very funny.

Reijaranger said...

My cousin Karren is Christian's cousin. It's such a sad story and is really terrible for their family. Thanks for helping out.

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