Friday, August 15, 2008

If you aren't a journaler...

maybe you should try this. Much more doable than a traditional journal.

This journal is for TEN YEARS with about 4 lines per day. I can definitely write 4 lines a day. A perfect way to remember those perfect little things that happen each day. I tried it once with a calendar, but I like writing in a book better so this is a great idea. I really enjoy remembering those small details. Reading that calendar later on (from the whole two weeks I did it, lol) was super fun. It's like sitting with a friend having one of those conversations about "Remember that day we made 30 loaves of zucchini bread while dancing to show tunes?" or "Remember the rotating date?" or "Remember that night of dancing to Top 40 around the sandwich shop we worked at together?". Yes, that's what this journal is like. Super super fun.

If you are not convinced yet you could also use it for a gratitude journal (if you don't know what I'm talking about you clearly have not been watching Oprah enough) or to do a journal like Elder Eyring talked about where you note each day ways you saw the hand of God in your life (great talk).

It's going on my list of things to buy... I think I might buy the 2008 edition (rather than wait for 2009) because it's been discounted.

As far as journaling goes more generally. Here's my philosophy:

1. My blog is my main scrapbooking / life tracking thingy for our family. We'll make it into a book eventually, and regularly -- voila (there you go CJ, no wallah).

2. My spiritual/personal journal. I write in this as it suits my fancy. I write about the super emotional things I need to vent about or work through or about spiritual impressions I have or things I've been thinking about. I like to take it to church and write in it there (when I remember, I've been out of routine since our latest move)

3. Now I'm going to add back in this journal for day to day funny things that happen or memorable moments---finding the joy in every day life is what helps you really live in the moment...and "Love what is" And I can totally come up with 4 lines a day to write about

So there you go. I'm a bit of a passionate journaler (if not always the most consistent one).

What do you do to track the memories of your family (or your own personal thoughts?)

2 little remarks:

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

First of all, I love that you asked a question at the end of your blog! That is a great idea to get more comments (or in your case remarks) :). Comments always make me feel special and helps me to know others are reading my blog. Why that is important I don't know?

I've always loved going back and reading my journal much more than I enjoy writing in it. I try too hard to make my journal or blog entries into a creative writing assignment. I love to write! Unfortunately, creating rough drafts when it comes to journal entries seems a little crazy and time consuming at times but I can't help myself.

Scarehaircare said...

Go visit Grandma. Leave a comment in her journal/visitors log and then read the previous comments. Yes, some of them are sad, but then some of them are charming, sweet, and funny (such as her reactions to visitors). I love reading her journal/logand really hunt out the postive stuff.

Really. I'm not kidding.

Go visit Grandma.

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