Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've always felt relatively young. I've always hung out with people older than I am (thanks to skipping kindergarten back in the day) and so I've always kind of been the baby around my friends (and definitely I feel that way with some of Joe's friends now, seeing as how they headed out on missions when I was a Mia Maid).

Anyway as I approach joining the quarter century club this year I am starting to become more health conscious (thus the jogging and worrying about how I don't have enough 'good' cholesterol and about not eating enough veggies, blah blah blah).

So when I saw the Real Age test on Tannie's blog I figured I better take it (I tried it a few years ago and I've already forgotten what I got). Well it turns out that I am 0.9 years older than my actual this rate I'll be 4 years older than my actual age by the time I reach 100 (which might not be bad because then perhaps Joe won't die 5 years earlier than me). Actual I'm probably worse than that because I realized i answered a few questions wrong (woops, I don't take a multivitamin, I take an herbal supplement that's targeted at one thing...oh well)

So for the good news, I am awesome because I:

-don't smoke
-don't hang out with smokers (avoid second hand smoke)
-get enough sleep
-wear my seatbelt
-don't drive drunk
-am educated
-happily married
-eat breakfast daily
-not eating much red meat
-enjoying a range of foods (actually I eat far too many processed carbs, still working on that)

Now for the bad news...why I'm getting old faster than I should (and I"m not telling you all of them because there are far too many):

-worrying to much (well, it's been quite the year...I moved twice, had all my stuff stolen, got married, went to grad school, dropped out of grad school, was unemployed, and got a new job....this also happens to be half of my list of reasons why I'm not ready for kids yet, I need a break)
-not controlling my allergies
-persistent headaches
-not knowing cholesterol levels
-driving too fast
-driving a small vehicle (I LIKE the Corolla)
-not flossing enough (I know I know, but I'm improving)
-not having a dog (Joe's working on this one....but I say not til we have a house)
-facing a lot of stress
-not getting enough of essential vitamins and nutrients (also working on this one)
-need to lose a few pounds (I know, apparently I'm clinically if that isn't depressing I don't know what is, but I'm running, which will help I'm sure, that and continued diet changes)
-also apparently not knowing my resting heart rate is bad.

So there you go

Can you tell I"m stuck in the Denver airport waiting for my delayed flight to board? I'm so happy to sleep in my own bed tonight I can't even tell you.

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Emily Ellen Gibby Syphus said...

Clinically obese? The clinically part must be a huge qualifier. (No pun intended, you know I really hate puns.) You look cute. I'm glad you're doing things to feel better, though!

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