Saturday, August 16, 2008

Running Related Stuff

I'm on my way back from vacation as I type this (did you notice my lack of posting over the last week or so? Perhaps not...but my internet access was limited and I didn't want to tell the whole world we'd be gone for 10 days, anyway we'll be back by the time most of you read this).

Running on vacation: total bummer. We went twice. I know I know. That means I ran twice last week and only once this week. I'm totally ashamed of myself especially considering my diet during that week and a half. But where I went running was simply stunning. Also, the nature of our vacation wouldn't really allow for running the first 3 days so by the time Saturday rolled around and we got to the beach house Joe and I were dying to get a run in, and we did. I never thought I'd be dying to run. Hmm...

Anyway, here are some interesting running related things I've found lately (adding new or exciting things to my running regimen helps motivate me to in point: "I don't want to run..." "Oh come on Anna you have a new ipod" "oh yeah my an armband, maybe I will go jogging" Totally works for me. lol.

Map My Run -- right now I like my jogging route at home near the park and along the river, but in the future (as I can run...cough...farther) I think I will be using this site. Pretty cool.

I've got running shoes on the mind. I still have no clue where I'm going to get shoes. I have one store in mind to check, we'll see if its what I'm looking for. I'm feeling a little silly though because even thought my current shoes are too narrow and I definitely would be more comfortable in new ones, they don't have enough wear on them for running shoe experts to tell me what kind of shoe I need...thoughts anyone? If you are like me and know little to nothing about running shoes check out this and this

Also...on my wish list is the Nike+ ipod running tracking system. It's pure genius. Downside: you have to use Nike shoes. Or so they tell you....but this article on lifehacker gives a simple solution for using your current shoes to take advantage of this technology.

I love amazingly cool and smart people. I have been running with my Pampered Chef kitchen timer (great kitchen timer but a little bulky for me). But I need it to know when I can stop running. However, now I have an ipod and I was just wishing each song were exactly two minutes long so I could know when to switch from jog to walk (oh that I were in shape enough to jog for a 3 minute and 45 second interval....Since I am not I am loving Jeff Welch (and lifehacker who helped me find his site) and the fact that he has created a program that I can add to my itunes and it will place a "ding" sound at set intervals (of my choosing) into my playlists. Problem solved! What makes it cooler? This program is free.

So there you go. Vacation=bad running time for Anna. Next week will be better. 3 days maybe 4 if I'm feeling adventurous.

2 little remarks:

Laura said...

I just wanted to say that I totally noticed your lack of posting. I forgot you were going on vacation, so it all makes sense now...I'm glad your back!

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Yes, I noticed the lack of blogging....but only because I check for updates on others blogs everyday. :)

I can't wait until I can run again! I'm going to have to come back and reread your running posts for motivation in a few months.

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