Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation Part 1 -- Chicago

Joe and I went on vacation for 10 days in early August. We went with my mom and stepdad, my brother and his wife, my other little brother. We flew out on the same flight as mom and Sam (my stepdad) and spent a day in Chicago. After some horrendous delays (due to a tornado warning in Denver) we arrived at like 4am, slept in late, went on an architectural cruise (great idea Mark), and then had some traditional Chicago pizza with our friends Mark and Natalie. We had a really nice time. Anyway, here's a slideshow of the pictures from the portion of the trip, including a million pictures of the buildings we saw on the cruise. Chicago is a cool city and I'm definitely jealous that Mark and Natalie will get to spend a couple years living there.

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