Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation Parts 2 ,3, and 4

Yes, it was a long vacation so there are 4 parts to the photos (plus Joe and I were having a blast playing with our new camera...and how can you resist taking pictures when it is THIS beautiful). It was super relaxing to get away from work and just relax in nature (but still have showers!) and eat and eat and eat some more. We had a fun time.

The first slideshow shows pictures of a couple events. We spent an evening in Grand Rapids with some of my mom's cousins, her sister, and her aunt, uncle, and her mother. The food was delicious and it was so beautiful. The next day we drove north to Traverse City where my Aunt Lauri and Uncle Jim live (and my grandparents) and we got there before them. So we wandered around their house and played with our camera some more.

This second slideshow shows the house in Northport, MI where we stayed. My aunt and uncle own it but they lease it by the week during the summer and fall. They were so kind to let us stay there for a week for free and forgo the rental income. It also has pictures of a family reunion we went to at Aunt Lauri & Uncle Jim's house. I didn't know most of the people, but that's okay. Joe and I got to hold the cutest baby who has tons of hair.

And last but not least is the final slideshow which is pictures of the rest of the week: visiting the quaint town of Suttons Bay where I picked up my souvenir (a book I've been wanting that rang up on sale!), pictures of the water, pictures of us swimming, pictures of jetskiing, pictures of my family collecting rocks (they were obsessed!), pictures of game night, pictures of golf, and...I think that's all.

So there you go, my 10 day vacation. It was so beautiful there I highly recommend you go sometime if you haven't been before.

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Aliese said...

Such pretty water and sailboat pictures! Definitely desktop background worthy.

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