Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why Google Reader is my Friend

I really do enjoy blogging. I really enjoy reading blogs. I get a lot of compliments on things on my blog and while I try to attribute to others as much as possible, there is lots of indirect inspiration as well. So in the interest of full disclosure, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the blogging geniuses that inspire me on a regular basis and that have become a key reason I love blogging.

Other than our friends and family (whose blogs you can see on the right hand side) here's a list of blogs I have added to my rss reader. Lest you think I spend all my time reading blogs (and doing my own), just know that a rss reader makes it SOOOO easy to skim and read selectively and I actually watch hardly any TV these days, I'd rather read blogs.

First, the photographers. I LOVE them:

note: watching photographer blogs will give you wedding envy if you are anything like many beautiful amazing weddings and such amazing photographers. I know I couldn't afford $4000 photography so there can be no real regrets, but gosh i get jealous.

So there's a list of photographers on the right hand column, be sure to check them out. In addition I am also loving (but have not added to the list yet) the following:

  • A Little Sussy
  • AK Studio and Design -- a photographer who is local and has some pretty reasonable pricing and some nice
  • Tara Whitney -- a photographer who takes some of the most chill yet awesome family photos around. No more Olin Mills or Sears photos for me, someday we'll have Tara take our family shots
  • Dustin Izatt -- so Dustin is in the sidebar with other photographers I love, but I thought I'd give him and extra shout out since I'm in the process of booking him for our annual 'family' photo. I have convinced Joe that we need professional family photos once a year, for our Christmas card of course. It was hard to decide who to I think this year it's Dustin Izatt, who can make anyone look smoking hot and next year...Kate Benson I think.

Other than photography blogs I also love the crafty/design blogs. They give you tons of ideas for projects and will unfortunately feed your "I must have one of those" list. :) Here's some I love to read:
  • Design Mom -- if I'm not mistaken its one of the top blogs in the country. It is also delightfully written, she has tons of giveaways, and she brings in some lovely guest bloggers too.
  • Design Sponge -- another great design blog. always has lots of pretty pictures, which I like. The before and afters she sports of DIY projects are perhaps my favorite.
  • Mighty Haus -- it'll let you know about every nifty gadget out there...well not every, but very many. It's like walking through a giant Bed Bath and Beyond and seeing every neat little thing you could possibly think of.
  • Pink Chalk Studio -- a sewing blog with some very fun quilting ideas and lovely pictures of fabric that keep the wheels spinning in my head and make me want to find the time and money to do a serious queen size quilt with some Amy Butler fabric.
  • Ali Edwards -- I love this blog. She has a focus on scrapbooking that involves capturing "everyday life" instead of just the big occasions. My favorite pictures from when I'm a kid are not of things like dance recitals but from the day when we found the 5 gallon bucket of flour and smeared it around the kitchen. Ali has the most beautiful handwriting and I'm wondering if I can purchase it as a font for photoshop. She also has great tutorials for digital scrapbooking if you are willing to go the full photoshop/layering route. If that's not your style (or you don't have time) check out her photo book on It's super cute and I need to work on one of my own.
  • Martha Stewart -- a recent addition to my blog reader. I love Martha. I love her chow puppy, I love her craft segments, I love how she's a little OCD about things, and I love how she does things like throw a peony party.
Other random blogs I read:
  • Blogger Buster -- for tips on how to make the most of your Blogger hosted blog. Thanks for introducing me to Twitter and teaching me other random things about my blog.
  • Lifehacker -- uh, you better hack your life? Their tagline says 'tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done' If you decide to read this one make sure you subscribe only to their top posts and not to the regular RSS feed -- they post TONS and it is a little overwhelming for me. But I learn a lot and I tell Joe all about the cool techy stuff he loves.
  • My Muffin Thursdays -- so I just recently found this blog. It's a food blog (which are not hard to find) but its a food blog with health food for real people and delightful prose. I found it because it is my friend Elisabeth's sister, Emily (can we say BLOG STALKER?). Emily wore the same wedding dress I did, which was a good sign that I should check out her blog. Her personal blog is cute, but her food blog is a true source of inspiration. I feel like a total lurker reading her blog, oh well. I star her recipes to add them to my 'to try out list' (which I really should formalize) and I smile when I read the quote on her blog from 'Stranger Than Fiction' that says, "I just figured if I were going to make the world a better place, I'd do it with cookies." If you haven't seen that movie, see it now. So good.
  • The Jolly Porter -- Thank you Tara for pointing me on to this little gem. Funny funny, hysterically funny. I was especially amused by the recent "Freedom Test." Seriously, I can't describe it, just go read it. You'll laugh.
  • Your Heart Out -- if you live in Salt Lake you really must read this one. It really helps me see all the great things Salt Lake has to offer and provides and array of choices for restaurants you must try and boutiques to check out.
  • Light Refreshments Served - I actually quite like the content on this blog, but they truncate their RSS feed so to read full posts you have to visit their site (which I don't like at all). So the result is I read about the first 3 sentences of their blog posts and once a week or so I'll be intrigued enough to click on it and visit their actual blog.
So there you go. In addition to keeping up with all of you lovely people who are my friends and family, these are the blogs I read a lot. Do you have any suggestions for blogs you love that I should try?

5 little remarks:

Jessie said...

I love my reader (Newsfire), too... but because of it, I never notice people's new backgrounds and things--loving the green and pink, Anna.

I, too, absolutely love the Jolly Porter blog--it's actually written by Christopher Clark, husband of Lisa Valentine Clark, (who writes on Light Refreshments Served, and has a brother in Maroon 5... crazy small world, eh?) and star of "Stalking Santa," a movie that Cory worked with at Excel last Christmas. Absolutely hilarious, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. If you don't want to take the time to watch it (or even if you do), I would definitely second Anna's recommendation on his blog, the humor is similar.

CJ said...

I've been rocking either FeedDemon or NetNewsWire for the last 4+ years, and I can't imagine going back. I use it to read friends' blogs, but more regularly, each issue of The Economist, The New Yorker, Slate, Freakonomics, seven or eight topics from the New York times, etc., etc., etc. Every decent site aggregates their content into RSS. There's no reason to visit a website every so often to see if there are updates anymore; RSS pushes everything directly.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I loved the Jolly Porter blog. He is hilarious! :)

I'm glad you post on your blog so much. It helps me not feel so weird for posting almost everyday.

Lisa said...

Thanks for reading my blog and my husband's!

Have you read the jolly porter's archives? My favorite blog is then one where he describes going jogging in a very special outfit right after eating a bowl of pudding. Check it out--it's one of the first ones. This is my gift to you. . .

Charayne said...

Check out my post on the SWAP I did and then go to the ladys blog that I got it from. She seems pretty cute and does the SWAP annually, and sells other cute crafts and stuff. I will check out the ones that you suggested.

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