Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adventures In Cooking

Some ventures in cooking are more successful than others. Consider for yourself exhibits A and B

Exhibit A: Fajitas

Yum. Oh Yum. So basically I bought fajita mix the other day, probably because it was on sale. I also bought petite sirloin steak in the family pack, also because it was on sale. I bought a red pepper and we had a green pepper in the garden. Throw in an onion and some water and voila. Beautiful fajitas. They were seriously so delish. Only problem: our tortillas were all stuck together. I don't understand it, they were fresh and everything....Despite torn tortillas this was super easy and super good.

Exhibit B: Turkey Meatballs, Whole Wheat Blend Pasta, Homemade Marinara, and Salad

I suppose this meal could have turned out worse...Joe says it was good, but I was so frustrated. Everything went well right up until I went to cook the meatballs. The recipe recommends the use of a non-stick pan...but I couldn't find a nonstick pan, the pans our dear friend Leilani sent us out in Ohio last year are stainless steel and they are beautiful and I love them (thanks again Ben and Leilani), but apparently I'm going to need find a non-stick pan, I think someone else sent us one of those so I'll hunt it down. So take my word for it, this is a great dinner but you NEED a nonstick pan. Otherwise the cursing might ensue.

For the Turkey Meatballs I couldn't find the recipe online, but you can find it the "How to Boil Water" cookbook. It's basically turkey, some spices, and an egg to hold it together. For the marinara sauce I've made it previously (and posted about it)-- you can find it here. And for the pasta I recommend Ronzoni Whole Wheat Blend, which is better than white pasta, but doesn't taste whole wheat-ish.

So there you go.

In general I'm really proud of us. We've been eating out far less (like maybe one lunch and one dinner -- or two if we go out on date night). We were eating out more for lunches especially. So this is a big deal. It's made it hard to fit in running, but it's okay. We feel better. When we eat fast food we feel terrible. I'm less and less of a fan of fast food all the time.

7 little remarks:

Leilani said...

You're so welcome! Sorry it ruined your meatballs! We use pam, foil, and parchment paper a lot cuz we've ruined some food when part of the pan gets stuck to it..ew. Good luck finding a pan! Mmmmm, fajitas.

Aliese said...

I use foil on my pans too and it works splendid!

Alex and Katie said...

Anna, I feel like I understand. My meatballs constantly fall apart. Alex and I are eating out less and less too. Mainly because we can't afford it. We hate fast food now. Even when you have the option to eat out, we never do. I think you have to acquire a taste for eating out, and once you do, it is hard to quench it.

Jessie said...

I love love love the McCormick fajita package, even though I sometimes feel like I cheated by using it--it just tastes SO good! We make them as regularly as we can afford the steak, though I guess you can do them with chicken, too.

Angie said...

Good for you, you little domestic goddess. Give yourself a month or so and you'll never want to eat fast food again. You begin to realize how crappy their food is. :)

Luthi said...

don't know if you have ever been to the sunflower market but they will prepackage and marenate the onions, chicken (or beef), peppers in a sause so you just have to cooks...way good ( probably like that at other stored too just only tried theirs.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I'm not a Pampered Chef consultant anymore so this isn't a plug for you to order something from me ;) but I love my non-stick pans from Pampered Chef. I imagine any non-stick pans that you invest a little money in would be well worth it! I no longer have to scrape and scrape $20 Wal-Mart pans. Yeah!

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