Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bed to 5k - #8

I finally ran again tonight, for the first time in the past month. It was hard. It felt really good to start running again, but it was so hard...mentally and physically. But I'm glad I'm back out there--and I get a sticker on my chart!

No stats tonight. They were pretty pathetic. And Joe was totally coasting which made me feel even more pathetic. Okay I need to go stretch before my muscles cool off.

Oh and the way the ding on my ipod to tell me when to switch back to running or that I can walk was super helpful. I love it.

3 little remarks:

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Just a couple more weeks and I get to start exercising again! Yeah!

Alex and Katie said...

Run with me. It would make you feel much better. Last night, I ran for two minutes...straight. Be impressed. I was.

Jason and Tami said...

That is awesome! I need to exercise more. I am glad that I found your blog! You should check out my blog, it is jasonandtamih.blogspot.com. I am also sorry to hear about your grandma. It was crazy because Dr. Lever told me about his grandma and I remembered that you two are related.Fun! Talk to you soon!

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