Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cowl Neck on a Child's Shirt!? Awesome

So this is ridiculously beautiful. So beautiful it makes me want to learn to sew. Check out this blog and see all these amazing creations she puts together...WITHOUT PATTERNS!!

Oh people are so talented. I'm feeling slightly more motivated to take the time to learn to sew more than straight lines (though a cowl neck sweater is probably beyond me). I want to look that cute and I wouldn't mind it if I had a daughter someday that I could dress up to look similarly adorable (like a mini Ann Taylor model).

3 little remarks:

Leilani said...

Wow, that is cute. I can't even sew with a pattern let alone without one. They are so hard to read. Do you have the link to the blog?

dibble family said...

super cute! I wanna learn how to sew, that would certainly save me some moola! If you get the link to the blog, I wanna check it out!

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Oh what fun little girls would be. Little men are fun too though! I'll have two lil' guys in just a few days!!

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