Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a **Good Thing** or rather Things

So rather than writing a separate post of good things I'm discovering right now let me just tell you right now, all at once. A list of things I've encountered lately that I'm in love with and may or may not have blogged about before:

  • I finally tried out this program that allows you to create a playlist in itunes and then insert ding sounds at specified intervals. Mind is 2 min, 2 min (but I could have done 2, 0:30 if I were only needing 30 second walking breaks). I am in love with this little, FREE, program. I can't wait to jog with my ipod tomorrow. I'm glad I finally remembered to test it out after blogging about it a few weeks ago
  • My cousin Carrie, she rocks at this running thing. And I saw her the other day at my grandma's funeral (and her adorable daughter) and wow, she has lost 3 pant sizes and looks fabulous. It gave me that final push to get back out running. Thanks Carrie and keep up the good work
  • Good music -- have you heard this CD -- if not, you should. In particular you can sample "The Rising" right here. It just so happens to be my favorite song on the CD, excellent for running to, and super inspiring. Love it
  • My Deceptively Delicious cookbook. Today I made the mac and cheese. You seriously would never know there's pureed cauliflower in there. Joe declared that it was delicious. I declare that it was deceptive. :) Next time: more cheddar, less cream cheese...find low fat cheddar, still use the 1/3 less fat cream cheese....oh and more noodles cuz there was way too much sauce. No pics sorry.
  • Have you heard of Hulu? I don't have cable and I have so missed John Stewart's Daily Show and Steven Colbert's Colbert Report. Not to mention they have full length movies like Sense and Sensibility -- the perfect background noise while I cook dinner.
  • My sticker chart. I am motivated by stickers. And by the fact that every sticker on either "Drink Daily H20" or "Jogging/Biking" can be redeemed (and by redeemed I mean, I give myself) for a song on itunes...better music=better jogging. It's a deliciously vicious cycle. :) Oh and the stickers for the rest of my goals (don't look to closely or you'll know just how flawed I really am, yes I struggle with basic daily habits) can be redeemed for 4 stickers-$1...which means if I was perfect I could get roughly $30 to spend on anything I choose. So there you go...I'm like a child, motivated by sticker charts.:)

Okay that's probably enough. I had a few more things, but alas google reader is down and the items I wanted to share were in there.

3 little remarks:

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I think you are too funny! You are more motivated and amazing than you give yourself credit. Way to go at always trying to improve yourself! Remember never to beat yourself up though if you don't accomplish all your desires. I think we are a lot alike and therefore assume that you are too hard on yourself at times? I think you're great! You should think you’re great too...even if you don't drink enough water and run as much as a star athlete! :)

Emily S said...

I was thinking about making myself a sticker chart anyway, and now that's it, I'm doing it. I forget everything related to my health, like posting this comment has reminded me I need eye drops! Thanks!

Holly Strong said...

OHHH I love your sticker chart, how'd you make it? Email me...mayb ewe can get together and make some for me and my kids...I too am motivated by stickers.

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