Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jogging=Random Stream of Consciousness

Have you ever tried stream of consciousness can be very illuminating. I started thinking about this on my jog/walk (with too much walk) case you were wondering what I think about while jogging, here's a sample of the type of things that go through my mind...

"Do I have my key, I have my key, shut the door...if I don't have my key I'll be locked out for hours because Joe is gone...okay I have my key"

Feet smacking pavement

"Jogging downhill is so nice, it makes me feel so fast"

"I had a bacon for dinner....BACON...what was I thinking....BLTs with garden fresh tomatoes yes, but bad"

"That yard really is so pretty"

"No one playing baseball tonight, that's strange, guess baseball season must be over"

"Oh but soccer is going on...why didn't I ever do soccer when I was a kid, maybe I'd be a runner already and skinnier if I'd gotten into soccer..."

Jog. Jog. Jog.

"Where is that ding.....I'm dying to walk"

Walk. Walk. Walk.

"Yeah I definitely think I have exercise induced athsma. Why didn't I remember that inhaler"

"I'm fully disappointed in myself for this mediocre jog"

"But at least I am out jogging right"

"Jogging supposed to be good for stress right"

Jog. Jog. Jog.

"Ugly Betty is on tonight. How did I start getting into Ugly Betty?"

"That house is for sale. I wonder how much...what am I thinking we can't afford to live in this neighborhood"

"I'm going to miss this park when we move...I really need to take some pictures for the blog"

Walk. Walk. Walk.

"I need to learn to take good pictures with some nice backlighting"

"Now is the perfect time for Helena and Bryan to be taking their family photos, can't wait to see those"

"I need new itunes...these ones are getting old"

"What should I write on my blog tonight about running....maybe I'll write about all the random things I think about while know a random stream of consciousness"

Walk. Walk. Walk. Stretch.

4 little remarks:

Sarah said...

I always do my best epiphanic thinking when I'm either jogging or in the shower. Who knows what you'll come up with now that you're a jogger . . .

Helena said...

Brian's grandma eats turkey bacon, have you ever had it. Much healthier, but more like crispy bologna.

Emily S said...

Enlightening exercise! I'm mostly just thinking, "Don't judge me cause I'm slow . . ."

emily said...


I just found a blog and thought of you immediately. I think you'd like it. The recycled projects are especially fun.

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