Monday, September 22, 2008

My lungs must be smaller than the average bear's...

Seriously today I thought my lungs my collapse.

Or I might have a heart attack.

Or both.

But I didn't.

I just went jogging

And got red in the face.

And was proud of myself for jogging early in the evening so I couldn't talk myself out of it.

But seriously my lungs hurt so bad and not in a good way. I think I'll use my inhaler before I head out next time, see if that helps. So there you go, I went running. On a MONDAY no less. And I'm going tomorrow too. Take that! I may have fallen off the running bandwagon but I am back. Back with a vengeance. Okay enough rhetoric.

2 little remarks:

Scarehaircare said...

Did you get proper shoes yet?

One of my running RS sisters has been using an inhaler for a week and it has made a huge difference. Let me know how it goes.

POTB for going running!

Brooke said...

Bandwagon here you are to stay! It takes a little bit to get back into running when I've been away from it for little, maybe you have exercised induced asthma and so that's why you can't breathe and stuff. It will go away once you're back in shape- but it's killer to get past that first hump. Good luck!

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