Thursday, September 11, 2008

On a lighter note...

I am totally coveting this bedding recently reviewed on Design Sponge. Maybe I am obsessed with black and white. [image from DS also]

I want to take it and put it on this four poster bed at Ikea, though I can't decide whether I would keep it yellow or paint Again obsessed with black and white. But then again I do want to paint my house (someday when I have one) in shades of grey...and can you imagine this yellow bed with grey walls, wood floors, and white bedding. I want to go sleep there right now.
But alas, this is all dreaming and many a year off. But isn't that circle shaped pillow with pleats gorgeous?

Oh and here's a picture I"ve been meaning to post for a while. Here's the Pottery Barn bedding I bought on sale back when Joe and I were only dating. The moving van thieves stole everything but one Euro sham...I guess to taunt me...or cuz they were dumb. I miss it, sure was beautiful. And elegant. I might buy this again instead of white, you can occasionally find it on ebay.

3 little remarks:

Felicity said...

Greg has that four-poster Ikea bed you love so much. He left it yellow--accents his dark blue and green room quite nicely :)

I love the Pottery Barn bedding. *sigh*

Leilani said...

Wow, the rest of those pillows are beautiful. I love looking at bedding. Does Joe go to IKEA with you? Ben doesn't like it because he feels trapped :)

Luthi said...

that is my bedroom. I have a four poster black wrought iron bed with white down conforter and balck and white accent pillows. My whole room is black and white including pictures with the back wall painted red. love it!!

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