Friday, September 12, 2008

Park City Work Retreat

Joe was so excited for this weekend in Park City. I was excited to sleep in luxurious sheets in our bedroom, which was super nice at the Marriot. Joe was excited to hear Rich Thawley speak because apparently he's amazing (I missed his talk since I was at Grandma's funeral).

There was an award's ceremony the first night....Joe got two. And for the crazy year we had that just goes to show how awesome he is.

A banner they had up that confuses me. 3x-ing doesn't seem to be the most catchy phrase. I've never heard Joe say it....that I recall. Maybe I wasn't listening to conversations about company mottos...

Joe hugging Scott's wife who was handing out awards.

Rich Thawley is the guy in the jacket. Apparently he's awesome enough to listen to for 6 hours with only minor breaks. Thank heavens I had an excuse to not be there. Sitting anywhere for 6 hours might kill me.

Us in the lobby at the Marriot.

Joe went on the alpine slide while I went downtown with the wives.

This is one of the two beds in our hotel room. Those sheets were so luxurious and the mattress so soft.

This is Joe showing you what an awesome room we have

Okay actually the TV was what Joe was most excited about.
It is always nice to get away for a weekend to Park City where it's a little cooler and when staying in a hotel where someone else makes my bed.

2 little remarks:

Aliese said...

Good call! I love Park City as well. I wish we lived closer so that we could spend more time there.

Emily S said...

Looks amazing. Gary and I are jealous . . .

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