Friday, September 12, 2008

Politics No Longer on This Blog

There are few things I dislike more in this world than angry people. I just hate the angry. Good thing I married a man who rarely gets angry. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that when social conversations turn to politics I tend to tune out and if possible try to find another conversation. Because something about politics brings out the nasty side in people who are usually quite pleasant. I don't know why my opinion differing from yours has to be viewed as a personal attack, but it often seems that way with how people react and then I leave with a nasty taste in my mouth.

So I'll no longer make political posts on my blog--because even though it's my place to talk about my life it actually is more of a social conversation when you consider the reading and commenting that occur. I received too many nasty remarks on my political post, so I'm done with them (if your comment was published on the below post I did not consider your remarks nasty so don't get all worried that I think your a mean person or something).

Nasty remarks don't get published on my blog because I choose not to support angry discussion that is high on the hate and low on the facts. Plus they upset me and I don't want to reread them.

For the record: I don't mind conservatives, I have many good friends who are conservatives and who I have very civil informative conversations with about politics and where we generally end our conversation agreeing to disagree (CJ--I can't believe you're a libertarian now, or maybe I can...U of Chicago is a big economics school).

For the record #2: I'm not a party line voting democrat. I sincerely liked Romney when he was running and think he would have done great things for the economy of the country and possibly our foreign image as well....not sure on the latter.

In case you are wondering I may still blog about politics on another blog, though I'm really not sure I want to deal with all the hate comments that come with it. So if I need to vent about politics perhaps I'll do it on a private blog...mostly so my poor husband doesn't have to endure the 30 minute political monologues about how I hate elections, and candidates that scare me, and despise discussions of poll results since I know a thing or two about stats and how unreliable such polling operations can be.

To those of you who wrote sincere good comment on the political post below, thank you and happy election season to you.

To those you who wrote nasty things and didn't get your comments published -- post your opinions on your blog as you will, but please stop trying to put them on mine, it upsets me.

Okay, that's all, phew, who knew a little post about Sarah Palin's record on pork barrel spending would make so many people so unhappy. Can't wait to get back to posts about freezing peaches off our tree, making homemade diapers (no I'm not pregnant), and family dinners on lovely fall afternoons with adorable little children who never, ever try to talk with me about politics.

7 little remarks:

Helena said...

I feel better already

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I love you Anna! I know it's a random comment but after reading this post I just thought....I love you Anna! :)

I'm a lot more interested in politics now that I live near DC but that's not saying much as me being more interested means I actually know the names of those running...that's as far as it goes for me. :) I enjoy watching debates but don't feel I know enough to jump in to a political conversation hence no comments from me on your previous post. :)

Holly Strong said...

Sending big hugs your way. I was pretty sad for you the few comments I read. I also thought you were insane to post politics. LOL!!!!! Oh well, I hate to takl politics too and I dislike angry discussions. LOL I love you no matter who you vote for.

Leilani said...

Have to say my hubby isn't the most diplomatic of people.

CJ said...

Heh, probably for the best. The anger and vindictiveness come out more easily on a blog, b/c people don't all know one another and the Internet serves as a barrier from reaction/immediate ramification which emboldens those who would say hateful or offensive things. I'm pretty sure there have been times when I've written things that perhaps I wouldn't have said in person.


Yeah, Libertarian. That's not b/c of economics, though; I (and the Republican Party generally--except for Bush and the Congress this last go-around--have always been in favor of a laissez-faire approach to the economy. To me it's the chunk of issues where it's difficult to make a valid case the other way b/c 90+% of economists agree that market intervention by the government makes things worse b/c it distorts incentives and efficiencies all around. So yeah, no change there.

Where I have changed is my stance on social issues, which I know hold dearly as a personal and religious matter, but which I am hesitant to allow government the control of. So, certain issues involving individual moral rights on things like family, marrriage, etc., are things I think individuals should have their own autonomy to control and decide. Libertarian = minimal gov't, maximum freedom. :)

Aliese said...

That makes me upset! I agree with you whole-heartedly that people who can't differentiate between opinion and personal attacks are hard to deal with. If you decide to make further political posts somewhere else, I'd LOVE to know where! See, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an ignorant American. But part of this is because I feel as though I should be very careful where I get my political info. (most people have the whole " their way or the highway" attitude). I've always liked your political input and opinions! ...maybe because they help form mine... :) I love that you do the research on all sides and know so much about STUFF. Anna! You've got to post further knowledge somewhere, or I won't know who to vote for! LoL

Mardi and Jeremey said...

Well said Anna! You inspired me to blog a little about politics when I read your first post. What bothered me was that I got random people that I didn't know commenting on my blog wanting to take it into further debate. I am okay with a debate every now and then, BUT if I don't know the person, I could care less about what they think. AND especially if they are going to be mean about it.

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