Sunday, September 21, 2008

This could become addictive

Helena has been telling me about this bead store for a while. Yesterday we finally went. I was surprised what a good deal we could get on semi-precious beads and how much fun it was to make the jewelry. For about $20 I was able to make a necklace, a bracelet, and some earrings. Helena was having an indecisive day so she left with one plaid wood necklace and several strands of beads that she wasn't quite sure what to do with---we'll figure that out the next time around. They teach a class once a week where they'll teach you to do the crimping and everything else. For now, Helena and I would just string everything and the woman at the store finished them off for us. Here's some pics from the trip.

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Kaela said...

It is addicting huh! I found some beads that I really liked once and I have since made SO much jewelry that I absolutely love- more than anything I have seen at the stores because I was able to make exactly what I wanted:) I am glad you have found the hobby and enjoy it too!

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