Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#10 Visit the Mexican restaurant by Albertsons on University Ave.

Today Joe and I went here for lunch. It was delicious. And very authentic tasting. Though greasy (hello, it was Mexican food) it was delicious. I recommend you try it sometime.

I'm also so proud of us for getting our 104 in 104 item done on Tuesday this week. :)

See the original list (with updates) here.

3 little remarks:

Aliese said...

I've never heard of it before. Then again, I'm not so much a "lover" of the authentic Mexican...I highly favor the Tex-Mex/hardcore Americanized-Mexican food.

Sarah said...

You might remember that I blogged about this place a while back when Dave and I were on a non-spending spree with our Starving Student Cards. It does seem to be 110 percent authentic as advertised. :) Pretty much everything I've had there was delicious, although I was given rotten refried beans once and I've never been able to think about it the same way since.

emily said...

Michael and I have been wanting to try that place! I'm glad to know you liked it.

Also, I think I need you to teach me how to do strikethrough text. It's not a regular option for me. Is there an HTML code or are you just a genius?

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