Saturday, October 25, 2008

104 in 104 -- #79: Learn to Can Something---and do it

So, originally I didn't finish my 104 in 104 list (I only had 79). I've since decided this is a good thing. The point is for us to try new things (or do things again that we haven't done in a while). So if we want to try something new one week and it isn't on the list, that's okay. I'll add it to the list and mark it off. That's right, add it and mark it off. :) It works for me.

So, today Joe and I canned some tomatoes from our garden. I was grouchy and didn't want to do it. But now, with 6 quarts of canned tomatoes sitting on the counter, I'm glad we did. I feel so victorious. :) And it only took 1 phone call to Joe's mom to make sure we were doing it right. Joe had done it before, but only with her and I only remember watching my grandma do it---but I was probably at the kitchen table coloring or something, not paying attention.

See the original list (with updates) here.

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