Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling poor? Guess what, you're probably on the "Rich List"

Sometimes I feel poor. I realize that I am richer than a lot of Americans and even Utahns, not to mention people around the world, but I still feel poor. A good antidote for feeling poor is checking your status on the Global Rich List. Go here to find out how rich you are .

I am, apparently, in the top 2% in the world (mind you this probably isn't adjusted for purchasing power or anything like that, but the point is the same).

So I'm totally rich. I don't own a house, I have some debt, and I definitely have to watch my budget every month. But I am reminded that I can afford to put a roof over my head and food in my stomach -- not to mention the blessing of running water, immunizations, two---count them---TWO cars....I could go on and on. Lucky, lucky me.

For those of you wondering how I found such a random website -- I was searching for foreign aid related articles on the New York Times' website and found this blog.

Why was I searching for foreign aid articles? Because my job all day 5 days a week is focused on studying foreign aid.

I've been thinking about writing about development for quite some time, but always had something else I'd rather write about. But I figured it was about time you -- my blog readers -- better understood what I do all day. And why working in the department of political science often has nothing to do with elections.

So if you are curious, you can read this article (I am not mentioned ::sob:: but I work for all these professors helping manage the project--along with 2 other full-time managers). I am helping gather data on foreign aid contributions. It's a beastly task (lots of donors, data in different formats, data not publicly available, bureacuracy), but someones got to do it. Really. The current data is not good. Someone has got to fix it. But I will not rant about political science data because I have so few political science readers and I would bore the rest.

Anyway, I hope you're feeling a little richer now that you know your ranking on the rich list.

3 little remarks:

Savanna said...

Anna, one of your political science readers checking in :) I <3 PLAID

Aliese said...

Anna, I love how you put things into perspective!

Bethany said...

This is all quite fascinating. Do you think that wealth checker is for real? I don't feel rich but I sure am grateful for a hot water heater! I don't think I ever appreciated that before I was married.

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