Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Housing Conundrum

The commute is killing us. And for a variety of other reasons we are considering moving up our moving date.

Anyone know of a good 2 bedroom with w/d hookups for $750 or less? Between Lehi and Springville?

Send me an email or leave a comment. If we choose your apartment we'll have you over for dinner. :) Okay maybe we'll have you over anyway.

I just really hate apartment hunting and thought I'd enlist your help.

(BTW thanks for all the comments from everyone telling me who reads. It was super fun to read and I totally welcome the random "I just found your blog and like it" readers along with the "I haven't seen you in 5 years, lets be friends again" readers and the "I see you at least monthly if not weekly, but I still read your blog" readers.

You're all cool.

4 little remarks:

kace said...

the complex where brandon and i live is 800 a month...and there are w/d in unit...

so this comment is probably completely un-helpful. :)

Shirlene said...

Hey Anna, there's an apartment in our ward, a basement of a house. The house is newer. Probably 6 years old. It's in Highland (South East of Thanksgiving Point---a little north of American Fork) It has washer/dryer hook-ups. It's $700 a month and includes all utilities/including DISH. If you don't want DISH, it's $30 less a month. The couple living there is moving out in December. Don't know if this works for you. But there ya go! Good luck!! Shirlene

DP said...

Come be our neighbors!!! Our complex meets your standards. I don't know if there are any openings, but let me know if you're interested and we'll chat up the landlord.

Sarah said...

Yeah, so DP is smarter than me. I read your criteria and thought, "We don't live in that zone." Hello. For some reason I had the Lehi/American Fork area in mind. ANYWAY, I agree with DP: Come be our neighbors! I'm sure he'll give you more info on this, but he talked to our landlord today and one of our neighbors is moving out soon. I don't know when, but soon.

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