Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's About Time

I'm nearly 25 and have never been outside the US other than one trip 10+ years ago to Canada (which was great, I like Canada). So, I have never needed a passport. I thought about getting one "just in case" but that seemed silly since in the past 10 years I have never really had the money for an impromptu trip to Europe and you didn't need one until recently to go to Mexico or to cruise the I have never gotten one.

Then I got my current job. And I knew that I would probably get to take a trip to the UK next fall. So I put off getting the passport because it's $100 and there were more pressing matters (like getting my car licensed in Utah...and still needing to switch my DL over).

So I'm just hanging out, doing my job, sitting in the SWKT tower on BYU campus thinking about world problems but never seeing the world and....yesterday during a meeting some of my bosses mentioned that maybe in the next month I should go along to help out with some meetings in Ireland, London and Paris. Ahhhh, curses, I knew I should get myself a passport.

So today I'm turning my house upside down trying to figure out if I have a copy of my birth certificate. I know I got it from my mom sometime in the past year or so, I just can't remember if it was pre or post moving van. Curses. I've checked where it should be with my marriage certificate and social security card, no such luck. But I think I may have taken it with me to get my new social security card.....let the hunt begin. Update: I found it!!

Getting a passport is exciting. Here's hoping that the trip actually materializes and that I can work somewhere besides my little office in the SWKT for just a few days. That would be lovely.

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Tiff said...

How exciting! I wish I had the need for a passport...

Good luck with your searches. You know - in my Primary calling the boys and girls often share stories about when they *lose* something. They always seem to find it after doing something... :)

Aliese said...

I would be very jealous if you got to go. I love the UK; I went a few years ago and made some lasting friendships! So much that the people I met there have been to visit me! I wanna go back so bad.

Sarah said...

Anna, I can't remember if you were born in Utah or Michigan. If you were born in Utah, it's super, super, super easy to get another birth certificate. It doesn't even matter what county you were born in--go in to fill out a request form and you'll have a freshly printed birth certificate within a few minutes. If it was Michigan, it still won't be hard to get one, but it will take a few extra days. And now I guess you'll want to pay to expedite the processing of your passport application . . . but that will be so, so, so worth it if it means you get to go on these trips! The UK is amazing.

Leilani said...

Good luck with that! Hope you make it...Europe is so fun.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Lucky! Take me along!

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