Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jordan River Parkway -- Our Jaunt in the WIlderness

Not last Saturday but the one before, it was beautiful. Stunningly beautiful. And earlier in the week I'd suggested to Joe that we should go for a bike ride. I'm so glad the weather was perfect. And we biked north instead of south and found the coolest section of the parkway I've found so far. I recommend you all go visit the section of the parkway near 47th south. It was amazing. We actually didn't have our camera on the bike ride so we went back the next day to capture all the beautiful fall colors. I'm just so amazed that in the middle of what seems like endless suburbia you can find beautiful peaceful spots like this.

Check it out, seriously.

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3 little remarks:

Derek and Jamie said...

You should be a photographer for the Jordan Bike Trail for advertisement purposes! Those pictures are beautiful. We miss the Jordan Bike Trail. It sounds like you guys are doing well.

Painty (aka Melinda) said...

Those pictures are so pretty. I saw some beavers and a fox along that trail once... happy times.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Check out Rock Creek Park sometime! A beautiful wooded oasis in the middle of a busy blustering city.

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