Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ladies Night Out -- Downtown Style

[From L to R, top to bottom: Brigham Young's House, The Lion House, Joseph Smith Memorial Building and the awesome flowers, lots of womenfolk waiting to cross the street, Helena and I taking a self portrait in terrible lighting, the outside of the Atlantic, looking in the Atlantic's front windows, menu--check out those cheap prices, inside the conference hall with thousands of women]

Once a year the church does a worldwide broadcast for all the women 18+. Lucky for us, it's broadcast from Utah. And very lucky for me, I was able to get two tickets. Helena met up with me (coming straight from the circus where she'd been with Brian and Eli) and we enjoyed the broadcast. Afterwards we walked a few blocks down Main St. to a litte restaurant called The Atlantic. I was introduced by an ex-boyfriend years ago and I've been back twice since. It's totally charming and the price is right. We sat outside in the perfect September evening and delighted in our meal.

[If you didn't catch the broadcast, check out Elder Uchdorf's talk about creating, it was along the lines of many things I've been considering lately including how creating something....whatever that may part of our true nature and the key to a satisfying and happy life. Part of why I left grad school was because I found that, for me, the true joy in my life came from the things that seemed to compete against grad school for my time: crafts, cooking, spending time with Joe, enjoying time with children (knowing eventually I'd have my own). I could do some of these things while in grad school...but it was exhausting and difficult, and I probably wasn't the best grad student in the world because of it. I think I'm much happier with the balance I've found with my current job. Anyway, that was a tangent -- the point is I was nuts about that talk -- catch that here for the first, or second, time :).
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