Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things I Love: A pretty, organized, grocery list

So today as I was making my grocery list I decided I should blog about it.

Grocery shopping is a process for me. It has evolved over time. Now maybe blogging about grocery shopping is silly, but the more tricks I learn the more money I save. I also decide which things are not worth my time---time really is valuable and you have to decide if its worth the time you spend. Anyway, here is my ideal grocery shopping process:

First: have the optimal tools. I use this list I bought from 'Real Simple' at Target. I like it because it looks pretty. It has strong magnets so it can stay on my fridge. And it is organized by category which makes the trip at the store lots faster.

With list in hand (which may already have a few items checked that I realized we were out of earlier) I then:

1. Decide what we're eating for dinner (by browsing cookbooks and or bookmarked blog posts that I've been meaning to make)

2. Add to my list things that we don't have in the house that I need to make these things for dinner

3. Compare prices by looking at ads (or using a really cool online feature like the Grocery Guide at this site--- 2 stores is optimal for me -- catch 2 stores worth of savings but not stopping at too many stores. You can compare the prices of sale items by using a product

3a. When I find items that are on sale that I need for my pre-planned dinners I check the box next to the item on my list and then write the first letter of the store next to the item so I know what store to pick it up at (Today, A=Albertsons, S=Smiths).

3b. When I see items on sale that I know we love (hello pork tenderloin at $2.99/lb) I buy it whether or not I'm going to use it that week. I then usually freeze the meat until I use it and most of the other stuff doesn't go bad in a week anyway. Buying in bulk saves me tons of money over time.

4. I go to the store.

5. I write down on the back of my little grocery pad how much money I spent that week so I can track grocery expenses over time.

So what are your favorite grocery shopping tips that don't take tons of time?

3 little remarks:

Emily S said...

You seem to do all I do - I price-match a lot at Wal-Mart because it's a one-shot deal with the kiddos a lot of times. My mom gets 5 Sunday papers for the coupons. You probably noticed TAMN making fun of this practice, but supposedly she saves a lot of money. I'll save the evironment and try to figure if I can get those coupons anyway . . .

Luthi said...

you are so organized! i am impressed

Kristen Boothe said...

I usually come up with 2 weeks worth of dinner ideas then just buy what I need for those dinners. I wish I had the option of multiple store shopping, but unfortunately I live too far away from civilization to go to more than just one that it's not worth it. Plus I'm a coupon cutter too.

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