Wednesday, November 26, 2008

50 Things I love: Thanksgiving Edition

I knew I wanted to do a thankful post, thanks to Emily for inspiring the format---so glad to see you love the Sound of Music too, that musical is pure happiness. So here are 50 Things I love, that make me happy, and/or for which I am truly thankful.

  1. Joe -- come on you guys knew it was coming. He's hysterically funny and sweet and giving and all around amazing.
  2. My family -- my side and Joe's. We are surrounded by such good people.
  3. Friends. Though it may be kind of boring to live most of your life in one place it does make for lots of long term friendships.
  4. A good job that is in no danger despite the crazy economy.
  5. A reasonably healthy body, such a blessing.
  6. Peaceful moments
  7. The spirit of Christmas
  8. Belief in a higher power
  9. My mind -- maybe slightly overactive, but generally I like having such an analytical and active mind.
  10. Food. Oh glorious food.
  11. Specifically homemade apple pie. Yum.
  12. Hot chocolate on cold mornings
  13. Inspiring people. I've been so inspired by this family lately.
  14. A fuel efficient car
  15. No major car repairs in the recent past (of future, I hope)
  16. Being able to live in grandma's house these past few months
  17. Blogging -- the perfect way to stay in touch with so many of my friends and family
  18. Clean, entertaining television.
  19. That this year I finally discovered that I don't hate running. I'm working on the loving it part.
  20. The realization that perspective matters in everything. And having the right perspective can make everything a little better---you can thank my husband for helping teach me that
  21. Alternative medicine
  22. Oh and regular medicine...can you believe the things they can do these days?
  23. Children
  24. Babies. I'm not really baby hungry but I sure do enjoy everyone else's babies.
  25. Running water -- running HOT water
  26. Beautiful things, eye candy, Martha Stewart, Etsy, design blogs
  27. 3 day work weeks
  28. The smell of good food baking -- preferably with yeast involved
  29. Crock pots!
  30. Libraries
  31. NPR streaming online, because when I listen to it at work all alone I don't feel like I'm in solitary confinement.
  32. Email. It's hard to imagine what life would be like without it
  33. Google, for making my life just a little easier
  34. Musicals. I still wish I lived in a world where people randomly burst into song and tap dance.
  35. A college education
  36. That my college education included not only political science, econ, and stats...but also Country Western Social Dance, Clogging, and Basketweaving (I'm not joking)
  37. Lack of drama. Calm, everyday life suits me just fine.
  38. Working at BYU and working with such fine people.
  39. Singing. I like ward choir, it makes me feel like a rock star.
  40. That my husband sings like Josh Groban (thanks for telling me that Brooke, it totally made me smile)
  41. Sarcastic people who aren't mean.
  42. Random humor.
  43. Political humor: Daily Show, Colbert Report, SNL---the best part of the election season
  44. Good books & chick flicks, the great escape
  45. Interesting people who make me think.
  46. Having clothes that I actually picked out and getting rid of the DI hand-me-downs.
  47. Good friends and family who helped us out when tragedy hit us a year ago, without you we'd be bankrupt, I'm sure.
  48. Blankets. I love snuggling up in a blanket. It's one of the best parts of winter. In summer it's often too hot for blankets.
  49. Sleep. Oh I love to sleep.
  50. Holidays. I love them. I love this time of year.
It may be a random list, but that's me. I am grateful for lots of things big and small. Writing them down helps me remember and foster an attitude of subtle gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope its your best yet.

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Kaela said...

Great list! Holy cow- your cluster map is CRAZY! Looks like you have a LOT of fans out there:)

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