Saturday, November 8, 2008

#73 Make a personal history jar (104 in 104)

I'm actually very excited about this one. Tomorrow is Sunday and a perfect day to start. I'm actually not sure I'll actually print slips for a jar [Update: this has been a little confusing, so....the slips in the jar are all the questions, then you pick one each week and write on it somewhere else. You don't actually store your personal history in a reminiscent of food storage as that might be, it might be slightly impractical]. I might type it directly into a Blurb book so I can publish it (because I'd sell MILLIONS, millions I tell you). Hooray!!!

Personal history can be overwhelming. But I think hearing the answers to these questions would be exciting for our kids (and for me). There are lots of lists to get you started and I think I'm going to tap into a few, but here's a good example to start from. Try googling "personal history slip jar" if you want to find more.

I can't wait to get started. You should try it too. And post your answers on your blog. "Personal History Slip Sunday!" Awesome! I'd read it. Maybe I'll post the less personal ones online so you can all read about my first favorite childhood vacation...or even about all the places I've worked. Good times. I'm sure you will be waiting in anticipation.

3 little remarks:

DP said...

What would I put in my personal history jar?

I think mine would be a mix of grape juice, strawberry jam, and applesauce.

Sealed with paraffin, of course!

Kaela said...

I love this idea- I am definitely a bigger fan of the journal than I am of the slips I think... to many pieces with the slips. I agree too that it is the perfect Sunday activity. Now to just find the right journal- FUN:)

Angelique & Branden said...

LOVE this idea! I think I might even start today! Thanks.

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