Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another reason to love gmail....

So this feature hasn't rolled out on my gmail yet, but can I tell you how excited I am about the prospect of picking a custom theme for my email....somehow the hundreds of emails that swamp me regularly are less overwhelming when surrounded by this ninja background. Read more on lifehacker here (I took the image from there also).

If you don't already have gmail.... I must urge you to ditch your current email client with all haste....with features like:

Google search on your email
Quick links (I'd like to read all my unread emails labeled facebook please....two seconds later, there they are)
Tons and tons of storage space

If you don't have it, you need it. You'll never look back.

3 little remarks:

Tannie Datwyler said...

I have a gmail account and I hardly ever use it. I don't like it - there are some weird things it does that really annoy me. Maybe I just don't understand it enough.

Kacey said...

i just discovered this on my gmail account today! i went with the bus stop theme...

Felicity said...

I'm in love with this. I love how it literally changes. My "Bus Stop" theme has gone from two people at the bus stop eating ice cream under a full sun, to 5 people and a giraffe under a partially cloudy sky. LOVE. IT.

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