Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas makes me dance....

Tonight Joe and I cooked in the kitchen and sang and danced to Christmas music. It totally made me smile----and DANCE! I'm not strict about Christmas music, I'll listen to it whenever it strikes my fancy---when 101.9 The End played it on Halloween to beat FM 100 to the punch it made me laugh. Music totally gets me excited for the holidays.

Other happy things today:

1. I used my $3.00 fryer I bought yesterday and the dried out baby carrots on my counter...added some spices and celery and half an onion and....voila, chicken soup for tomorrow's dinner. Broth recipe found here.

2. We also had pork tenderloin and acorn squash. I am a hater of squash but I'm proud to say I ate several bites and there was no gagging!!! This may not seem like a victory if you don't know me. But squash typically makes me gag. So thanks, Helena, for bringing me an acorn squash. It was too adorable looking to not give it a shot.

3. Joe made Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip cookies (take the quaker oatmeal recipe, add 1/2 tsp of cloves and substitute butterscotch chips for the raisins. :) They are delicious.

4. I got to watch 13 Going On 30 because it was on TV. It totally made me smile.

5. Church was good today. A woman in sacrament meeting talked about her experience as a humanitarian missionary in Cambodia and it made me cry. I think about poverty in such abstract ways for my job, but when I'm faced with the reality of it through others stories it makes me want to be much much better at my job so we can learn how to be much much MUCH MUCH MUCH better at fighting poverty. I'm so grateful to have a job that makes me feel like I'm doing something that might, maybe, really do some good in the world.

6. I had a major epiphany in church today. Well actually a minor ephiphany, but my spiritual life is all about baby steps

7. Talking to my husband about our plans for the future and traditions we want to start with our family makes me happy happy happy (p.s. we've decided that for Christmas we are going to have our children write letters to eachother and to us, we'll hang them on the tree and read them on Christmas Eve)

8. I've decided I'm having an Ugly Sweater H'ors deurves and Wassail Christmas Party. If you want to come, leave a comment so I can know to send you an invite, you're all invited. We better have one more gathering at Grandma's while we are here and there's nothing I love more than a gathering of my favorite people in ugly sweaters while we chat and sip wassail. :)

9. The Mormon temple in Draper is having its open house in the new year. I so wish some of my friends in Ohio could be here to see it. The temple can be so mysterious for those not of our faith...and an open house is the one time they can go inside and see of its beauty and gain some understanding of what goes on there and feel the peace of the temple. We're really looking forward to taking our new sister-in-law to see it. She's Muslim so this will be the first temple she's been able to see inside.
So much to be grateful for today...Christmas music, dancing in the kitchen, cooking from scratch, reminders of why having running water makes me wealthy....and a realization that gratitude for the little things is one of the simplest ways to happiness. I love Sundays.

6 little remarks:

Amy said...

I love reading your blog! I know I don't comment much but I read it pretty much faithfully.
I was just looking up info on the open house for the Draper Temple! We are planning on bringing our girls.
I need to talk to you about the Hoisin lime sloppy joes. I'll email you.
one more thing...
Russ and I would love to go to an Ugly sweater party if you would have us! My family is thinking of making ugly sweater parties a tradition.

Beazer said...

Hey guys, don't know if we'll be around when you have it but sent us an invite -- we'd love to see you!

Aliese said...

An ugly sweater party? **insert small tear here** I wish I lived up North. Anyway, I have to share that I, too, love dancing and singing randomly with my husband; it makes me happy. We had a Christmas Traditions enrichment activity last week where people shared their tradition ideas...One lady told about how they hang this beautiful, white stocking along with their other stockings and on Christmas Eve, they write letters to Christ about their goals for the new year, how they can be more like Him, etc. Then, they seal them and put them in the stocking...On the FOLLOWING Christmas Eve (one year later) they open them as a family, evaluate their progress, share their SUCCESSES (not ones they forgot), and write new letters. Anyway, just thought I'd share since you talked about stockings in an earlier post! It's definitely an idea I enjoyed.

Emily S said...

My sister Kristen has many ugly Christmas sweaters, so I'm sure we'd be prepared. Did you see my mom's reply to your comment on the throwdown post? Oh, and the Cambodian missionaries were my favorite, lots of stories there.

Brooke said...

Ugly sweater wassail party- count us in! By the way I also love following your blog! Just reading all the things that made you happy today made me happy!

Charayne said...

Ok, count us in for the ugly sweater party. I would be so fun to get together again soon! Sorry I haven't felt too great lately, so....I am just now getting back into the swing of things. You are so cute and have so many great ideas.

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