Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Stockings

I'm on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Stockings. We never got around to them last year. And I really want to have them. So I'm hunting. And open to any suggestions. They must be A) Classy, B) I want to make them myself, C) can't be too expensive....I'm looking at you cashmere.

Here's some nice ideas from Martha.

5 little remarks:

Nerak said...

oh my gosh, so adorable. suddenly i feel like i need three stockings, but then that might be a little greedy. i'm probably on the naughty list just for thinking it.

Kimberly said...

I know how you can get enough money to buy any stocking you want-
start a blog designing business. I'll be your first client.

emily said...

Anna, I am SO with you. I love these! We really are kindred spirits.

kace said...

i have been SEARCHING for christmas stockings too.

i want to see one and think "THIS is my stocking!"

but i do have our christmas tree all planned--our color scheme is deep blue, red wine/plum purple, silver, and champagne. plus, lots of sparkle and crystals. very glitzy.

now i just need some good stockings...sigh...

Charayne said...

I got my Christmas stockings 2 years ago at a place in Lehi. It is a darling little craft shop in an old fashioned house. Call me and I can tell you the address. Good luck. I have no ideas on what to make but it looks like you have lots of ideas.

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